I’m writing in response to Mr. Hirsch’s recent letter responding to my article titled “Assaults on Charities.” I appreciate Mr. Hirsch’s letter and would respond as follows to his observations:

  1. Thousands of middle-class NJ taxpayers (many of whom are senior citizens) reduced their federal tax burden by taking Schedule A mortgage tax deductions in excess of $10,000. This freed up funds for charitable giving.
  2.  The loss of jobs in the nonprofit sector would, no doubt, include high paying positions and low-paying jobs.
  3. I applaud those who contribute to charities without consideration the tax consequences of their giving, but do support tax incentives to encourage further support.
  4. Mr. Hirsch is correct that the piece bashed President Trump for his lack of commitment to the principles of volunteerism, personal service, and charitable giving. Instead of boosting these principles, he has attacked them and sought to eliminate the Corporation for National and Community Service, which houses the highly regarded AmeriCorps Program. Further, he has favored slashing funding to various federal departments that channel billions to our charities.

— Irwin Stoolmacher

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