I am one of the readers of U.S. 1 in the past few years after we moved to New Jersey from New Hampshire in 2000. I have been enjoying Richard K. Rein’s editorials, particularly in the June 29 issue, concerning the death of John Henderson. I would like to give you some interesting news from a Chinese newspaper on May 13:

"The oldest person in China, maybe in the world, Ms. Lee Sai-Yung died on May 9, 2005, in the southern part of China, not too far from Hong Kong, at an advanced age of 120.

"In her life time, she was treated in the hospital only twice. Her diet was mainly plain rice with some vegetables, She drank ordinary Chinese teas.

"In addition to her simple diet, the secrets of her longevity seem to be as listed below:

"Optimism, willingness to give, and a good sense of humor. She exercised by planting her own vegetables and herbs. She collected tree branches for fuel, on the nearby hills, whenever the weather permitted.

"When she had a cold, she prepared her own medicines by simmering in water the herbs she planted. She drank it, instead of tea, until she recovered from the cold.

"A special dream in her life was to visit Hong Kong. Owing to many restrictions, she could not make it and her time was up in this world. She died peacefully in her sleep, perhaps with only this regret."

I would add: "On the other hand, we believe she is now in Heaven, which should be a much better place than Hong Kong."

Forward V. K. Ho



In "Chess: The New Game of Life" (July 6), there was a error in listing Russell Floyd’s education. He earned a doctorate in marriage and family therapy from East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas. Also, he is a clinician with Corner House, not a school counselor, as the article reported.

Due to editing errors, the writer of the review of "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" (July 6), Joan Crespi, and the play’s director, Marisol Rosa-Shapiro, were omitted. Also, the play was first produced in Chicago in 1993.

A caption for Princeton Festival’s "Sweeney Todd" (July 6) stated the production opened July 9; it opened July 3. Remaining performances take place Friday and Saturday, July 15 and 16, at 8 p.m., at Kirby Arts Center on the campus of the Lawrenceville School. Call 609-537-0071 or visit www.princetonfestival.org.

And last (as far as we know) Kenneth Kay sold Helmsman, his software company, after ten years, not four years as stated at one point in the July 6 article..

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