As our forthcoming U.S. 1 Business Directory will point out, staff sizes at some of the major Princeton area research centers have fallen dramatically in the last 10 years.

What happens to those smart people when they leave the big corporations? Lots of them create new ventures — back in the 1990s, we recall, there was a small company called GORCA Systems. Where did the GORCA name come from, we wondered? Good Old RCA, the company explained.

The Good Old Sarnoff Center can claim space on the resumes of many of the people on this week’s cover on Sirius Satellite Radio, along with Hitachi and other legends in the consumer electronics industry. The story’s author, our contributing writer, Douglas Dixon, is himself a Sarnoff alumnus, who not only reports and writes on technology, but also maintains a technology blog at

To the Editor:

The IRS needs your help. Starting in May, economic stimulus payments of up to $600 for individuals ($1,200 for married couples) will be issued by the IRS based on 2007 returns. Parents also get $300 for each eligible child.

People must file a 2007 tax return. That’s it. But here’s where the IRS needs help. Millions of people are eligible, but may not know it. These are certain retirees, disabled vets, and low-wage workers who normally don’t file a tax return. This year they must file to receive the payments.

Help us spread the word. People who have at least $3,000 from wages or certain benefits from Social Security, Railroad Retirement, and Veterans Affairs may be eligible, but they must file a return. Visit for details.

Gregg Semanick

IRS Spokesperson (New Jersey)


Our cover article on the Whole Earth Center in last week’s issue said the natural foods store was founded shortly after the first Earth Day, in 1970, in the storefront now occupied by Thomas Sweet ice cream. That’s correct. But in our Between the Lines column, in which we talked about why we profiled the Whole Earth Center, we remarked that it was founded at around the same time as Thomas Sweet. Thomas Sweet, in fact, is some 10 years younger than the Whole Earth Center. We thank former Princeton restaurateur Roberta Churchill for catching the error.

Also in the Whole Earth Center story we referred to role “Helen” McVay has played in the success of the store. Her name is Hella McVay. We thank Carolyn Foote Edelmann for the correction.

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