To the Editor: Dinky’s Future

In the April 9 U.S. 1 Richard K. Rein proposed using the Dinky train to augment Princeton Borough’s transportation system between its trips back and forth to the main line. I am suggesting a public-private arrangement to help other commuters get to the Princeton Junction Train Station.

Parking for Princeton Junction station is at a premium. There is currently a reported waiting list of 1,500 to 3,000 commuters for parking places at the station. Meanwhile the large Rexcorp office building at the Alexander Road and Route 1 awaits its first tenants.

Aware that InterCap Properties, the owner of 14 Washington Park near the station, is offering parking at $125 a month, I am suggesting an arrangement wherein Rexcorp offers month-to-month parking for peripheral spots around the exterior of its parking lot closest to the Dinky line. Rexcorp could easily accommodate 180 to 200 spots, which would build traffic and awareness for its property.

With Rexcorp charging $80 a month and the Dinky charging $30 for a monthly round trip fare, the cost to a commuter would be $110 a month, still less than Intercap’s charge.

If the Rexcorp building had a functional “stop” on the Dinky line, it would enhance the building’s marketability. Users and tenants of the building could take the Dinky either into the university campus and Princeton Borough or interconnect with NJ Transit and Amtrak in Princeton Junction.

When the building is leased out, these parking arrangements might cease but Rexcorp would still have the residual access via the Dinky.

And there is even more potential for the Dinky, since it connects to a fifth line of the railroad at Princeton Junction that continues north to Plainsboro. The terminus could be made at the conference center next to Merrill Lynch (now BlackRock), and could provide access to Forrestal, Windrows, and the new Medical Center location. It makes way too much sense.

Peter R. Weale

West Windsor

Computer Fest

This year’s Trenton Computer Festival was the best in recent years and in no small part due to the editorial support of U.S. 1 (April 23). The talks and educational activities went especially well. The robotics contest was a great success. The Theremin concerts were truly amazing.

The shopping was good — I purchased a new laptop for $245 to use at my company, Linearizer Technology Inc.. Thanks again.

Allen Katz

College of New Jersey

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