Congratulations on the new website and updated events listing. As one of those who helped birth the first website (in the Dark Ages, in 1996) I was eager to test it out. In its first week, it looked gorgeous but didn’t have the good search tools. I bit my tongue and kept quiet, but worried “what price beauty if we can’t find what we need.” Now you have added excellent search tools. Whew!

Now retired from active duty at U.S. 1, my pro bono jobs include submitting event listings for the various groups to which I belong. I’m happy to report that on Sunday, July 23, Princeton United Methodist Church had a slew of visitors for the Tiffany Window Tour, thanks in part to a four-line listing in U.S. 1.

But when people arrived, panting, trying to be on time for what they thought would be a two-hour tour, we realized we need to tweak our listing. Yes, our doors are open from noon to two but the tour doesn’t take two hours. It can be flexible, 10 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the depth of the visitor’s interest. So when your beleaguered events editor gets the chance, please change it to something like this.

Tiffany Window Tours, Princeton United Methodist Church, 7 Vandeventer Avenue, Princeton. 609-924-2613. See St. George and the Dragon and other stained glass, free tours every 15 minutes, also Fridays, appointments also available. Sundays, noon to 2 p.m.

In central New Jersey we are privileged to have multiple opportunities and to have an online calendar to keep them organized.

— Barbara Figge Fox

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