#b#Cherish Winter#/b#

What a wonderful perspective Carolyn Foote Edelmann brings in her November 26 column, “A Winter’s Tale.” These last weeks it seems we have done nothing but complain about the cold and the dark.

Her column reminds us that winter is not something to be cursed and avoided. It is to be cherished and enjoyed by opening our eyes to the wonders of nature. But most of us have lost the ability to know what to look for. Who knows these days about different kinds of owls and geese and birds? We have lost something valuable in our search for comfort and ease.

Sandra Grundfest

#b#Pro Bono Lawyers For Arts & Culture#/b#

The New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (NJVLA) provides pro bono legal referrals to organizations involved in culture or the arts, and individuals involved in all creative or cultural endeavors, including musicians, visual artists, dancers, poets, actors, filmmakers, and writers.

The New Jersey State Legislature recognized the work of the NJVLA for its decade of service to the arts community of the Garden State: more than 4,200 hours of pro-bono legal counsel valued at more than $1.7 million. Without the volunteer lawyers of NJVLA, members of the New Jersey arts community would have faced the difficult choice of either bearing that legal cost out of their own pockets, or holding their breath and going it alone.

Because of NJVLA, an aerial artist in North Jersey was able to recover money she lost to a scam web-designer, and “fly high” once again. Thanks to NJVLA, a folk singer/recording artist was able to obtain the sound data files for an album he was recording that were being withheld by an unscrupulous producer, and get “back on the road again.” With legal counsel from NJVLA, a Central Jersey community theater was able to continue providing programs in diversity for school age children in the inner city, without worrying about losing their lease.

Thanks to NJVLA, a local photographer was able to recover from a commercial entity that was using her photographs without permission. Thanks to NJVLA, a local musician/DJ was able to resolve issues pertaining to his royalty credits with ASCAP and BMI.

NJVLA also presents educational programs on a wide range of arts-related legal topics.

Now we write to ask you to support this valuable asset to the New Jersey arts community. In celebration of our first decade, will you support us with an end-of-year gift of $25, $50, $100 or more?

You can donate to NJVLA by visiting www.njvla.org/donate/. Or you can make your check payable to New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and mail it to New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Box 2265, Flemington, NJ 08822. NJVLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.

Joey Novick Esq.

Executive Director, NJVLA

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