#b#Transit Riders Need a Break#/b#

New Jersey Future understands the gravity of the state’s current budget crisis, and we recognize that hard choices are necessary. We believe, however, that placing this burden solely on transit riders, and not on the transportation system as a whole, sends the wrong message about New Jersey’s priorities and damages the state’s potential for growth.

New Jersey’s extensive transit system is one of its greatest competitive advantages; it has been a key factor in attracting employers and residents to the state in recent years. Cutting service and raising fares on the system not only hurts riders, but also limits our ability to create long-term, sustainable economic growth in New Jersey.

Peter Kasabach

Executive Director, NJ Future

#b#Help Kids Join the Y#/b#

As a volunteer for the Princeton Family YMCA, I get to see the good work our YMCA does every day. But you might not be aware of the important charitable mission of the YMCA, and how that mission is making a difference in the lives of more than 6,000 people from our region right now. In fact, the Princeton Family YMCA’s service area is truly expansive, including Princeton and many surroudning communities.

Doctors tell us that the lifestyle choices we make each day all add up to serve us or hurt us in the long run.

So it is with the health of our community. The more opportunities and support we can provide for our young people, the stronger we’ll be in the long run. The YMCA is an important part of our community’s vibrant health.

The YMCA believes that every child should be able to participate in YMCA programs and membership, regardless of their parents’ financial situation. And, through the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, our YMCA is making sure that more people have access to life-changing Y programs.

The YMCA Financial Assistance program provides subsidies for YMCA membership and programs. The Y is able to provide this assistance through generous, tax-deductible donations to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign from area residents and businesses.

Last week the Princeton Family YMCA kicked off its 2010 Strong Kids Campaign, which will run for nine weeks. I urge all of our neighbors to consider supporting this important cause. Even if you don’t use the YMCA, our community is strengthened by having a safe, nurturing places for youth spend time. Plus, the money we raise stays right here in our community, helping the kids and families who live in our neighborhoods.

Now, more than ever, we need to take care of our community’s future, by taking care of our kids and families. Please join me in supporting the YMCA and let’s all do a little “preventative maintenance” on our community.

Marilyn Simeone

Princeton Family YMCA, Chair, Strong Kids Campaign Chair

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