#b#Harvest the Wind#/b#

New Jersey’s winds are among our least-appreciated natural resources: a potential source of clean, abundant, and renewable power. New Jersey has more wind potential than nearly any other Atlantic Coastal state, and the May 7 announcement [that the Fishermen’s Energy Atlantic City Wind Farm project will receive $6.7 million in new federal funding to support its continued development of off-shore wind energy] shows that the Department of Energy is committed to helping us develop this resource.

To make this project a reality, we need support from Governor Christie and the Board of Public Utilities, who have so far stalled progress at every step. I hope that today’s announcement leads the Christie administration to reconsider. The federal government is very literally offering us free money to harvest our winds to begin to create energy and create jobs. We can’t afford to say no.

Representative Rush Holt

Holt is the ranking Democrat on the Congressional subcommittee responsible for offshore energy development.

According to a press release from his office, the DOE had announced in December, 2012, that Fishermen’s Energy had received a first-phase award of up to $4 million. This second phase of funding will provide about $6.7 million in new funding, starting this month and continuing for a year, to allow for review and the competition of remaining regulatory requirements.

Following a review of progress, DOE will provide an additional $40 million from 2015 to 2017 for actual fabrication, installation, and commissioning of the project.

#b#Stamp Out Hunger#/b#

On behalf of Mercer Street Friends, I extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the caring people who placed food donations by their mailboxes on Saturday, May 10, as part of the National Association of Letter Carriers’ annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive. Once again, our letter carriers — members of Branch 268 and Branch 380 of the National Association of Letter Carriers — did a yeoman’s job in collecting the food donations. All the food has been brought to the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank, and volunteers are busy sorting and boxing up the donations for distribution into our community.

The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive takes place at a time when we are traditionally low on food. When school meal programs that are vital to low-income families shut down, hundreds of children in our community must find alternate sources of nutrition. Stamp Out Hunger donations helps ensure that we have the food staples to meet this increased need.

We thank everyone who participated for supporting this effort to address hunger and food insecurity in our community.

Phyllis C. Stoolmacher

Director of Advancement, Mercer Street Friends

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