#b#Another Resource For Seniors#/b#

Your special focus issue on senior living (U.S. 1, November 13) was an excellent survey of the rich array of services available to seniors in our area. We would like to add one more to your compilation: The Healthcare Ministry of Princeton, founded in 1984.

The Health Care Ministry aims to help the elderly remain in their own homes as long as possible, and HCM volunteers, now numbering some 70 individuals, offer neighborly acts of kindness to seniors in the greater Princeton area, assisting them with shopping, rides to doctors and dentists, and friendly visits. Our services are free to people 65 and older living within a 10-mile radius of Princeton. Funded almost entirely by individual donations, the HCM will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2014.

If people would like to learn more about the Health Care Ministry and our services, call 609-921-8888 or go to healthcareministry.org. We are always looking for volunteers and doing our best to help the areas elderly age in place. Thank you for this opportunity to spread the word about the Health Care Ministry.

Beth Scholz

Executive Director

G. Allan Sullivan

President, Board of Trustees


#b#Helping Miss H#/b#

Readers of this paper, as well as many in the Princeton and West Windsor area, likely recall Miss H. She is the woman who for 15 to 20 years was homeless and often seen sitting in front of Marshalls or walking along Route 1 or even camped out in small patches of woods near Marshalls.

A few years ago, a small group of women took it upon themselves to reach out and help Miss H. as hers was one of those unfortunate cases of someone who was falling through the cracks. Their efforts, along with many generous donations have indeed helped. Suzanne Newman, a sports massage therapist, served as the most visible member of the group; providing much direct assistance as well as soliciting donations (in previous years) from the readers of this paper.

Initially, arrangements were made for Miss H. to stay in local motels during the cold winter months. Last year a low income apartment was arranged in Trenton providing year-round accommodation. So far, so good. We write to you now seeking continued financial support as there is an ongoing need to assist Miss H. with her rent which is currently $500 per month.

The small group currently assists with providing transportation, shopping assistance, and much needed companionship as well as significant financial support. In an era when most charitable work has been institutionalized, these women demonstrate that many situations require direct personal action.

If you remember seeing Miss H. and wished someone would help her or if you simply find her situation compelling and you wish to lend support; your donation would be most welcome. Donations of all sizes are welcome. An “Angel” donation of $500 would be most welcome. Each Angel would provide one month of shelter and 12 Angels would provide a full year of shelter.

Checks may be made payable to Edward Megargee 21 Towpath Court, Princeton 08540. Inquiries may be made at 609-712-0004 or edmegargee@gmail.com

Edward Megargee

Megargee is a vice president/financial advisor at Merrill Lynch in Princeton. All donations will be recorded and available for review.

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