#b#So Close, Yet So Far#/b#

I was six-and-a-half when my father woke me up so I could watch “I Want To Hold Your Hand” on the Ed Sullivan Show. I’ve been doing Beatles Air Guitar ever since. (Alas, back then, Air Guitar was much more commonly referred to as being retarded.)

Late in 2001 I started performing on stage, mostly at Open Mics; since the spring of 2002 my act has been known as Harry Casper and his Beatles Mimicry Air Guitar Revue (see my Blog at www.myspace.com/fab4harry to find out why).

One Saturday in October, 2011, I went to the Jacob Javits Center in New York City to audition for America’s Got Talent. Initially I was chosen to advance to their Second Round, which was to be on TV — until the greedy pigs at Apple Corps got in the way, not allowing Beatles recordings on TV, at least not in a way that would benefit me. AGT tried, they really tried, but if they had put my act on their show, they would have wound up with major litigation problems.

So Jim Zinsmeister is all wrong about what he calls “the good people at Apple Corps” who are nothing more than proof as to how greed makes people nearsighted. Honestly, how many billions do they need?

Steve Lederman


#b#Valley Road Plan Is Short-Sighted#/b#

Historic Valley Road School now faces an uncertain future. It needs significant repair. Its tenants, Corner House and Princeton Community TV, are slated to move to old Borough Hall. PCTV has done a yeomen’s job of mopping up roof leaks and maintaining life in the building. If the choice was theirs they would prefer to remain.

In its recent six-page resolution on the reuse of Valley Road School, the School Board listed six areas where it felt that the Valley Road School Community Center proposal fell short. The first one, on zoning, was untrue. Still, we concluded that the School Board was tacitly telling us to move forward with the zoning amendment that we had first proposed in 2011. Last week we took the first steps toward formally proposing our zoning amendment — only to have the school board object.

The board says that it is worried about liabilities. Its plan is to close up the building, creating an eyesore and a hazard. If they sold us the building they wouldn’t have any liabilities from it! And they are concerned that some day they might need additional classroom space. We would be most willing to accommodate such overflow.

Kip Cherry


Cherry is the president of Valley Road School Community Center, a 501(c)(3) formed to save Valley Road School and adaptively reuse it as a center for community nonprofits.

#b#Restricted Licenses For DWI Drivers#/b#

The New Jersey Senate’s proposed Bill 2427 would permit a restricted license for persons suspended for driving while intoxicated to be able to drive to work. The license would be used exclusively for traveling to and from the licensee’s place of employment or education when other transportation is not available, and for driving on the job where that is a condition of employment.

I support this bill since the proposed law is intended to mitigate the adverse effects of a suspension of driving privileges on certain persons. Persons who can maintain employment pay taxes and child support. Unemployed persons often become a drain on society. Forty-eight other states permit a restricted license.

I urge voters to contact their legislators to support NJ Senate proposed Bill 2427.

Kenneth Vercammen

Vercammen, an Edison-based attorney, testified in favor of the bill.

#b#Do Not Knock Law Should Include Pols#/b#

So we have the South Brunswick Township Council implementing a “do not knock” law restricting solicitors between the hours of 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. This seems fair, but here comes the caveat: The township attorney has announced to the council and political solicitations are exempt.

Why are politicians special? Another example of hypocrisy are campaign signs. It is against the law to put commercial signs on public property, but political signs are exempt. They create visual pollution and can cause distractions.

Political signs on public property create an ethical problem. Taxes pay for public property. Why should people subsidize politicians and their positions?

Laws need to be fair and consistent. No one should be above the law, especially the political class. People in government will not act to decrease their power. What is needed is initiative and referendum in New Jersey. People need to be empowered so they can truly petition for what is right.

Fred Stein

Ridge Road, Dayton

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