Where Are the 21st Century Men?

Fete Success

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To the Editor

Your article about how 152 senior citizens have moved to Stonebridge since December and that when Meadow Lakes opened in 1965 it similarly inspired an exodus (“Moving on. But Staying Close,” June 23) brings to mind the custom among the Esquimaux of old who put their elderly on ice floes and sent them into the sea to die. We never see our friends any more after they move even only five miles away.

The explanation you give is that “then as now, Princeton Borough and Township had no senior housing except for low-income elders.” This reality is in spite of the fact that organizations like Princeton Retirement Communities, Inc., and the Coalition for Senior Housing have worked for years to have a CCRC built in Princeton – and failed.

The reason for the failure is the adamant opposition of the NIMBYs to any such project. The most recent was the one on Terhune behind the shopping center and across from an office park.

What I want to know is, “Don’t these naysayers get old?” Or do they just to move on to other jobs and communities and leave us in the lurch?

This is an aging town. Let us recognize that reality and keep the “Who’s Who of Older Princetonians” as well as the “Who’s Thats?” here, in our town. Besides, we upper middle agers don’t have kids anymore who need multimillion dollar expansions of our schools and enormous increases in our taxes to pay for them.

This situation is becoming crucial. It needs leadership, not only from concerned citizens, but from the municipal governments and the university.

Niels Nielsen

Princeton Management

Consultants Inc.

99 Moore Street, Princeton

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Where Are the 21st Century Men?

While reading “Scoring in Suburbia” (June 16, 2004), I was thunderstruck to learn that, contrary to what I had been taught in school. Neanderthals had not died out. Edmund in Princeton Junction’s perspectives were antiquated to say the least.

Then I read with relief that he considers sex after 60 an impossibility. At least, time itself will erase his participation in the Great Game. If he is, as the editor’s note indicates, planning his “intrepid escape” from the Princeton social scene, it cannot come soon enough for the lovely, intelligent and sincere ladies he seems to have overlooked in suburbia.

Let’s definitively have more articles on the single’s scene; perhaps ones that give 21st century women ideas of places to go to meet 21st century men!

Nell Whiting

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Fete Success

The 51st Annual June Fete was a financial and educational success at the Football Stadium. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised to help the University Medical Center at Princeton establish their new Breast Health Center.

But the June Fete is so much more than a financial machine. The success of this year’s Fete was the result of hundreds, perhaps a thousand volunteers putting their minds and hearts together. We thank our 60 area co-chairs and hundreds of their volunteers, Betsy Sands and all of the Auxiliarians, our 35 Steering Committee members, Barry Rabner, Carol Norris, Ed Gwazda and Barbara Allen; Karen Woodbridge, Karen Malek, Jeff Graydon and Don Reichling. Without contributions by Lt’s Bob Buchanan and Mark Emann, David Nathan and Stephen Distler, Neville and Princeton’s Quadrangle Club, John Miller and the Princeton Amateur Astronomers, Dave Long and Long Volvo of Princeton, Jud Henderson and the Princeton Real Estate Group, Phyllis Marchand, Jillian Kalonick, Matt Hersh, Christian Kirkpatrick, Matt Smith and Bart Jackson. Without LaVerne and LDH Printing, Pam Garbini and Bovis Lend Lease, Steve Kay and Princeton Fitness and Wellness and hundreds of others, this wonderful event would never have taken place. This event is more than handing over a check to the University Medical Center of Princeton. This event is a celebration of people coming together to make a better future for our world.

A huge thanks from the Rocket Fete co-chairs:

Karen Fein-Kelly and

Jody Erdman

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