#b#Yes on Open Space#/B#

On Tuesday, November 6, I urge voters to approve equalization of the Open Space Ballot Question on tax rates, as recommended by Princeton’s Joint Consolidation Commission. This local funding will preserve not only our beautiful Princeton landscape, but also enhance human and natural health in our region, providing access to high quality recreational facilities. Preserved open spaces are vital to life in our community.

A “Yes” to this important question will equalize the tax collection rate for open space projects in the process of municipal consolidation. This funding will leverage grant money from the Garden State Preservation Trust Fund, Mercer County’s Open Space Fund, and other funds dedicated to open space preservation and park development in our state.

Margee Harper

Trustee, D&R Greenway Land Trust

#b#Thanks to DOT#/b#

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Commissioner James Simpson of the NJ DOT for calling an early end to the Route 1 left turn restriction pilot and restoring the roadways so quickly.

The DOT staff has been working with West Windsor staff almost daily to try to direct traffic away from local streets and neighborhoods. Ultimately, no solution could be found and the commissioner made the decision to terminate the pilot. We are very grateful.

I would also like to thank the grassroots organization “Smart Traffic Solutions” and the residents who provided leadership during this time, specifically Tamerra Moeller, Susan Parris, and Eric Payne. The residents worked constructively with the administration by documenting the impact of the pilot and working with staff and the police to communicate to the DOT the level and nature of the traffic that was making U-turns and K-turns to get across Route 1. I also want to thank West Windsor staff and the police, who were always available to the residents and the DOT to add their observations and suggestions on improving the situation.

Lastly, I would like to thank the mayors of other municipalities, and other elected officials and stakeholders for their support during this pilot. While terminated, the pilot was not without its importance as a reminder of how connected the region is.

And so the need for north-south traffic improvements that do not adversely impact east-west travel remains and I look forward to future meetings on other potential solutions. Regional improvements that have been suggested are the Vaughn Drive connector from Alexander Road to Washington Road, widening of the Alexander Road bridge across the Stony Brook, and an overpass at Harrison Street.

Shing-Fu Hsueh

Mayor, West Windsor Township

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