#b#Be Your Own Media Company#/b#

Frank Farrell, featured in the August 29 U.S. 1 Survival Guide section (“Embrace Video Marketing, Or You May Miss Out”), is absolutely right. Businesses today need to focus more of their marketing resources on the production of “branded content,” such as video news stories, documentary-style interviews with their executives as subject matter experts, and other news-like coverage of their own activities.

There is no longer the luxury of waiting for the mainstream news media to cover your company’s activities, because they are already stretched to the breaking point in terms of their own resources.

As Tom Foremski of the “Silicon Valley Watcher” blog has said, “Every company is a media company,” and producing high quality video content is essential if you want to be visible in a Google search.

Steve Lubetkin

Lubetkin is managing partner of Lubetkin Global Communications LLC (www.lubetkin.net) and its production arm, Professional Podcasts, a producer of documentary audio and video podcasts for corporate clients. He spent more than 25 years in senior level communications positions with large organizations, most recently in the financial services industry. He is also a senior research fellow of the Society for New Communications Research (www.sncr.org).

#b#The Homeless Lady Of Windsor Green: An Update#/b#

This is a letter to all the wonderful people in Princeton and surrounding areas who helped our little homeless lady, Ms. H. (U.S. 1, September 28, 2011). For those of you who are reading this for the first time, Ms. H. is a 72-year-old homeless woman who has lived outside until it was too cold to stay outside for more than 13 years. For the past seven years she has been assisted by a lovely woman who remains anonymous, who paid for her to stay in the winter months at the Sleepy Hollow Motel for over $1,000 a month. Then I took over and paid along with the help of wonderful people who offered to help.

Finally, after endless attempts of getting her help in finding her a place to live, Patrolman Pete Hanna didn’t just drop her off at the horrible Trenton crack shelter all by herself. He stayed and met with the social worker and made sure that she was taken care of.

Miss H. is an intelligent, kind, wonderful woman whom I feel blessed to have in my life, but she is mildly schizophrenic, and it is not okay by any means, for any of our elderly people in Princeton to be living on the streets at the age of 72.

The most important thing is that, Ms. H. is safe, warm, and looked after, like each and every one of us wants for the ones we love. Right now, Ms. H. is at a hotel in East Windsor. Her social worker, Renee Swain, has found her a permanent residence at an apartment in Trenton.

My only hope is that it is safe and Miss H. will adjust to all this change. That is my reason for writing this letter today. I want all the kind people who I know care deeply for Miss H. that she is okay. It is not easy in this life, when you’re alone and you don’t have an advocate.

What I would like to ask the people at Princeton to do is to write her a letter and tell her about you. She likes to help people with problems, so ask her for her prayers. Everyone needs to feel like they are needed and that they have a purpose here. When Miss H. lived outside of the shopping center, she felt like she was doing God’s work in helping the people that came up to talk to her. The funny part is the people that came up to her were trying to help her.

Please send your prayers and please contact me if you can visit and spend time with her.

Send your letters to me at the following address: Princeton Day Spa. 812 State Road, Princeton 08540 Attention: Suzanne Newman. I am sure your letters will mean a lot to her as your visits did when she was sitting outside on those terribly hot days.

Suzanne Newman

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