#b#Conversation a Boost for Local Journalism#/b#

Congratulations to the Lawrence Township Community Foundation (LTCF) for sponsoring a very productive community conversation about the best ways to deliver news to township residents. Ninety residents and media professionals (including Richard Rein, editor and publisher of U.S. 1) discussed the challenges and opportunities of keeping us informed about everything from local events to critical news that impacts our safety and well-being. The group identified an impressive list of ideas with significant consensus. Better yet, a number of participants volunteered to explore ways of transforming our ideas into action.

Three cheers to the Lawrence Township Community Foundation for effectively addressing a major need, bringing members of our community together to clarify issues and propose solutions, and reminding us of how fortunate we are to have LTCF and so many neighbors working together to make life in Lawrence Township better.

Eleanor V. Horne

Lawrence Township

#b#When Words Are Worth 1,000 Pictures#/b#

Editor’s note: Excerpts from Hamilton-based artist Tom Kelly’s forthcoming book, “One Hundred Rules for the Aspiring Painter,” were printed in the January 3 issue of U.S. 1, which celebrated creative thinking in our community.

I wished to drop you a line and say thank you for the terrific article on my upcoming book and work in the January 3 issue of U.S. 1.

The article brought a great response and quite the bit of interest. The validation of a respected arts and culture media outlet like U.S. 1 is not to be underestimated.

The piece has brought to me an illustration job for a national garment company. The job is a few illustrations at first and then maybe some down the road. I will keep you posted as we get further along. The person in charge knew my work as she is Princeton-centric, but the article prompted her to reach out.

I have also been asked to speak at a private high school. The outreach person thinks the book is not just about art but addresses many facets of life. Just what we were aiming for. The contact person really liked the excerpts in the article.

Thanks again for thinking of me and featuring my yet unpublished book. It pushes me to get it done and generated new endeavors. I truly appreciate it.

Tom Kelly

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