#b#Charlottesville Violence Deplored#/b#

We condemn the terrible violence, blatant displays of racism and bigotry, and the deep seeded hatred that was on display this weekend in Charlottesville. These groups that descended upon the town represent the darkest underside of this country and should be identified as what they are: white supremacist hate groups made up of the KKK and neo-Nazi sympathizers.

Not only does what they stand for and how they voiced their views need to be denounced, these groups themselves should be condemned. Americans should know that while freedom of speech is respected here, so are people of all creeds, colors, and beliefs.

President Trump’s failure to immediately denounce, distance, and disown the white supremacist organizations after the violence seen this weekend continues to shape a pattern that is profoundly disturbing for any political organization, elected official, or President of the United States.

The display of hateful, bigoted, and vile speeches spewed from white supremacist marchers in Charlottesville and their violence towards those who stood up to these views will not find shelter in our state. Hate has no home in New Jersey.

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, Laurie Poppe

Democratic candidate for State Senate

Roy Freiman

Democratic candidate for State Assembly

#b#Lawrence Hopewell Trail Seeks Feedback#/b#

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail, which recently announced the addition of one more mile to its length (U.S. 1, August 9), is seeking comments and feedback from area residents in advance of its first annual community meeting, to be held in November. With about 90 percent of the 22-mile biking and walking trail completed, community involvement is more important than ever. To participate, visit www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3603470/LHTCommunitySurvey.

About the Lawrence Hopewell Trail: The Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) is a 22-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail and transportation corridor through public and private land in Lawrence and Hopewell townships in Mercer County. The LHT supports an active, livable, and sustainable community with alternative forms of transportation to reduce the reliance on automobiles. It also promotes health and fitness, recreation, and outdoor education. The Lawrence Hopewell Trail Corporation is a nonprofit that depends on the community for support. It is not supported by local tax dollars.

The LHT is a key member of the Circuit Trails, a 750-mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails connecting people to jobs, communities, and parks in the greater Philadelphia region. For more information, visit www.lhtrail.org.

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