#b#Exit from Climate Accord Ignores Facts#/b#

Facts matter. Withdrawing from the landmark Paris climate accord ignores undeniable scientific evidence and overwhelming public support for addressing climate change. As a coastal state, New Jersey will suffer the increasingly severe consequences of rising seas and harsh weather.

Now, more than ever, states need to take this matter into their own hands and use their significant authority to rapidly transition to clean, efficient, renewable energy.

The next governor of New Jersey should rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and act aggressively to move the state more quickly to adopt renewable sources of energy.

Tom Gilbert

Campaign Director,

NJ Conservation Foundation and ReThink Energy NJ

#b#Editor’s Note:#/b# In light of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the climate accord, some states and businesses have pledged on their own to uphold the terms of the agreement. On June 5 Princeton University issued the following statement:

In 2015 Princeton University issued the statement below to express the hope that the then-upcoming United Nations Climate Negotiations in Paris would “lead to significant progress in promoting clean energy and other positive actions to address the environmental impacts of climate change.” The statement described Princeton’s leadership role in research and teaching focused on energy, sustainability, and the environment, and in developing and implementing high standards of sustainability in its campus operations.

Princeton welcomed and continues to support the action that was taken in Paris in December 2015 under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and it reaffirms the commitments it made in its 2015 statement:

Princeton joins other universities in hoping that the upcoming United Nations Climate Negotiations in Paris will lead to significant progress in promoting clean energy and other positive actions to address the environmental impacts of climate change. Through research, scholarship and teaching, universities play a critical role in developing sustainable solutions in a context of growing energy demands, and in the last decade, Princeton has demonstrated an increased commitment to this important work. Universities also can play a leadership role in developing and implementing sustainable solutions for their own campus operations. Princeton pledges to sustain and enhance its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, achieve greater resource conservation, reduce waste, and accomplish the other ambitious goals of its comprehensive sustainability plan.

Princeton’s leadership on these issues is well-established:

Princeton is an acknowledged leader in research and teaching programs focused on energy, sustainability, and the environment.

Princeton continues to foster faculty commitment to globally significant disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research, as well as exemplary teaching and campus-as-laboratory engagement.

Princeton is an international example of innovation in efficient campus energy systems.

Princeton is utilizing strict energy efficiency guidelines for new buildings, major renovations, and existing infrastructure.

Princeton’s campus planning process is promoting comprehensive sustainability as a core planning principle.

#b#Rock Brook: Thanks for a Rocking Evening#/b#

On June 4 Rock Brook School held its third annual Rock Brook Celebration … An Evening of Two-Step & Honky Tonk. The fun evening included country line dancing, live music, barbecue buffet and auction. For more than 40 years Rock Brook School has provided exceptional special education services to children, as well as support for families and professionals. We are so proud of our students and the hard work of our dedicated staff.

I’d like to take a moment to recognize all who helped make An Evening of Two-Step & Honky Tonk possible. Thanks to all the families and businesses that contributed prizes for our auction. A special thanks to Rock Brook parent Laura Jones, who contributed Yankees/Red Sox tickets for our special raffle as well as several additional auction items. Our gratitude to the Blue Wave Ramblers for the fantastic music; and Debbie Figel for calling our Country Line Dances. Much appreciation to the Lodge at Montgomery for hosting our event; and Mary the Queen of Pork for catering the affair. Also credit to our students and staff for creating the lovely themed decor.

Finally, I’d like to thank our guests, sponsors, and donors. Your generosity helps Rock Brook School continue its legacy of quality education for children with communication and learning difficulties.

Mary Caterson

Executive Director

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