of a Quarter-Million Miles on the Odometer

How does he love thee? Let me count the ways.

A grand machine, overdue for praise:

He loves thee to the depth and breadth and height

Worn tires can reach, when traveling out of sight

To the end of the highway: too old to race,

Yet onward, you keep your steady pace

Eschewing rust, you’ve stayed ever true

More than some lovers and friends could do —

Annual Maintenance renews yearly vows:

You roll past trucks, and cars, and cows

An Old Faithful better than Yellowstone’s plume,

You’ve long been the bride, and he, the groom:

No promises, hopes, some day ignored:

Not the inconstant Buick, Ford

The soon-to-be-broken Honda, Peugeot

It’s just on and on and on you go.

He’s 81 now, and you, 28:

Two long-time partners that still relate.

May marriages all have the same sweet appeal:

Sure foot on the pedal, firm hand on the wheel —

He’ll go to 100, if you’ll stay on track,

With long miles to go — to the moon and back.

Susan Matson, a Hightstown resident, works as director of teacher training for ELS Language Centers based in Princeton. When not writing curriculum she is busy raising two daughters.

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