Buying a home or refinancing your existing home can be a daunting experience. Title Evolution, located in the heart of Bordentown, strives to make your closing as stress free as possible. They are a full-service title insurance agency servicing all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Title Evolution began servicing the area in 2011. Partners Jennifer Costner, Joanne Paul, and Stephen Barry have more than 60 years of experience in the title industry. Title Evolution “treats our associates as family and our customers as best friends.” Jennifer adds, “We truly love the people we do business with, and we will go above and beyond for them.”

Title Evolution’s goal is to use its knowledge to provide the experience you need. For example, Stephen uses his more than 10 years of experience as a county searcher “to expedite multiple situations, from rush files to recording issues, that the average title agency just cannot do. When a client can order a super rush request on a file they’d like to close in five business days, and I use my resources to turn out a title commitment in five hours, it solidifies our customer service mantra even more to them.”

Jennifer is proud of the agency and of its team. “When we established Title Evolution, we wanted to create a title agency that could meet any and all needs for our clients, while at the same time streamlining the process with the use of technology. At any given time anyone can pick up a file and take off where the other left off because of the systems we have in place.” They are at the forefront of technology.

Stephen adds “as an almost paperless company, we keep our expenses low due to the limited need for paper and storage space. Every one of our 500-plus files is backed up in its entirety on our software provider’s servers, and also on an external hard drive that is no bigger than a standard wallet. By digitizing, we have to ability to provide our clients with on-demand delivery of any requested document from virtually anywhere any of us happen to be. Those abilities set our operation apart from many others.”

Prior to Title Evolution, Joanne was a realtor. She says this “prior experience me extra sensitive to the needs of the realtors involved in the transaction and often thinks of things that only someone in real estate sales would recognize as a possible hurdle.”

The office is located in central New Jersey with easy access from the NJ Turnpike and I-95.

Title Evolution, 230 Farns­worth Avenue, Bordentown. 609-379-3860. See ad, page 11.

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