One of the hardest choices to make after you say “Yes” to the ring is where to go on your honeymoon. The choices are infinite, it seems. Should you explore the USA? Do exotic locales beckon? Are you adventurous or do you seek out pampered luxury?

Emelia Timpo, owner of Princeton/ East Windsor-based Timpo Travel, is the area’s premier travel planner. A world traveler herself, having worked for the United Nations and various international corporations, she has personally experienced locales near and far and knows the secrets of effortless travel that is safe and exciting. From the foothills of the Himalayas and the Great Wall of China to the quaint and beautiful towns in the Berkshires she has explored many exciting corners here in the U.S. and abroad.

“Travel is my passion. I have traveled broadly and am ready to send you off on a trip of a lifetime. I have over 20 years of travel experience and have traveled all over the world,” Timpo says. “I am also an Accredited Cruise Counselor with tour certifications for Globus, Trafalgar, and other companies. Over the years I have cruised up the Nile River from Cairo to Aswan and the Mediterranean on the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise lines. I have also sailed with Avalon on the Danube.”

An accomplished tour leader as well as a planner, Timpo is well equipped to advise you on the travel of a lifetime. No matter if it’s a short honeymoon or an around-the-world retirement trip, she has the contacts and the resources to make your trip memorable. If you have a bucket-list destination, Timpo ensures the experience will be all you wished for.

“Travel that is satisfying takes so much more planning than booking a flight and a hotel from the internet. People often are unsure of destinations. They may yearn to travel off the beaten path but do not know how to begin to plan for the trip. I have the depth of experience and personal familiarity with various regions of the world to be able to anticipate all that is needed. My clients can rest assured that everything possible has been done to minimize bumps along the way.”

Timpo Travel has planned trips that run the gamut from rugged outdoor adventures to luxurious cruises on the world’s best vessels. No locale is too exotic or far-flung. Timpo’s years with the United Nations have uniquely qualified her to advise on off-the-beaten path travel. She prepares clients on how to deal with local customs and courtesies and provides exciting inside information that only locals know.

“There is no better education than travel. You expand your horizons and can be transformed by the experience. The world’s diversity becomes something to celebrate, not fear,” says Timpo.

Timpo Travel works with clients across the country and around the world. The agency provides services for corporations as well as individuals going on small trips to large excursions. Call and begin the journey of a lifetime.

Timpo Travel. 609-647-6350.

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