It was very commendable for U.S. 1 to publish the declaration by Islamic groups to condemn terrorism, on page 33 of the March 4 issue. Many of us are waiting for a similar declaration by major Jewish groups, which would decry the illegal occupation tactics and reprehensible torture Israel inflicts upon the Palestinian populations in both the West Bank and Gaza.

I need not enter here into the details of Israel’s denials of Palestinian human rights, because more and more Americans, Jews and non-Jews, are becoming aware of the truth about Israel. But the support the U.S. Jewish community gives to Israel has long been infamous, and many of us know that for decades Zionists have controlled U.S. policy on Israeli-Palestinian relations, despite the enormous damage it has caused to our own country, in blood and treasure.

In light of these facts, I really wonder why such a declaration from Jewish communities is taking so long to come about.

Tom Tonon

Princeton Junction

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