After 44 years in the business, Cranbury Design Center partners Charlie Rini and Frank O’Leary have seen it all and know what it takes to serve clients in uncertain times: The Three Rs.

Refresh, Remodel, and Renovate are hallmarks of Cranbury Design Center’s business. This philosophy enables clients at every budget level to spruce up their homes.

“Whether you’re refreshing the kitchen, remodeling your bathroom to make it more current or doing a full-scale renovation, it’s an investment,” Rini explained. “We evaluate what the client wants, what needs to be done now, what can be done in the future, and what’s going to bring not only the most pleasure but also the most value.” This big-picture approach combined with years of knowledge and attention to detail is why clients like doing business with Cranbury Design Center.

Rini refers to the Cranbury Design Center experience as an “oasis” for people who are tired of failed projects and who desire great results and caring service. “Our clients don’t go to the ‘big box’ stores because they want someone who is friendly and who isn’t concentrating on simply making a sale,” Rini added. “We listen, learn about the space they’re working on, and understand their budget. That’s important.”

Cranbury Design Center’s clients are generally targeting a high-traffic area, such as the kitchen or the bath. Refreshing is one of the most economical, efficient and attractive ways to update or change the look of a space without introducing any major design changes such as a full-scale renovation that are more involved.

Remodeling takes it a step further, incorporating some design changes into the mix. Still short of a full renovation, remodeling can bring new life to an outdated kitchen or less than functional bath space.

“Renovating is comprehensive; a complete change in concept and design to upgrade a space,” Rini said. “We have design experts on staff who work with the client from the start. We pride ourselves on our ‘design-to-build’ approach for custom work, from ordering all project materials to successful project execution, plus 24-hour availability to address any client concerns.”

Rini found that people who tried to take advantage of a huge discount at another store sometimes had the situation reversed when the “discount” took advantage of them, resulting in a poorly designed project.

That’s why the Cranbury Design Center team takes the time to explain what can be done at every price point and level: sometimes the lowest price is not the best solution.

As a testimony to Cranbury Design Center’s philosophy: this past summer, the company was selected by Home & Garden Television to design a kitchen for its “Dear Genevieve” program. It aired July 11, 2009, on HGTV.

Cranbury Design Center also partnered with manufacturer Plain & Fancy to design a kitchen project for “Remodeler,” a magazine published by “Better Homes & Gardens.” Part of that project also aired on “Better Living” and online at

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