Princeton Fitness & Wellness Centers, in Princeton & Plainsboro, offer a unique approach to fitness. By providing personalized programs in an inspiring environment, they help members achieve impressive results. The Centers share advice on committing to fitness.

Fitness Tip #1: Make It Your Own. A commitment to fitness improves when a workout is enjoyable and effective at achieving your goals. The Centers’ certified personal trainers help assure progress and compliance-worthy fun by taking time to understand each person’s unique motivators.

Always monitor your advancement to evolve your fitness program. Motivation is fueled by progress. Center members benefit from a free fitness assessment and personalized exercise program by a personal trainer every six weeks. The on-site nurses use the latest technology, InBody, to provide complimentary body composition assessments, along with other health tracking, to further follow progress.

An extensive variety of Group Fitness classes includes the latest workouts like Pilates barre, aquatics, and Les Mills favorites. Instructors get to know the class, allowing supportive camaraderie and any needed exercise modifications.

Fitness Tip #2: Keep It Exciting. Life can get boring. Workouts never need to be. The Centers specialize in keeping exercise exciting with lots of fun options.

Members enjoy: state-of-the-art fitness equipment; a wealth of Group Fitness classes; a comprehensive Pilates studio; salt-water filtered Aquatics with lap, therapy, and spa pools; and free, well-maintained childcare. Expert guidance is provided each step of the way. This team approach makes it less intimidating to try new workouts and experiment with the Centers’ variety of classes and offerings.

Fitness Tip #3: Don’t Ever Give Up. There are unique challenges when returning to fitness after an illness or injury. Life can get in the way of best intentions to exercise, as well as fear, misinformation, or demotivation. The Centers excel at accommodating the needs of these individuals.

The Center Wellness Programs bridge the gap between clinical treatment and continued recovery, guiding those with special health needs to the next stage of health. Member Don Holzmann discovered this when he recently returned to the Center.

Although Don was a previous member, health issues forced his membership to lapse. He was diagnosed with leukemia and diabetes, and was overweight. Through the Center’s Cancer Wellness Program and Pre-surgery Wellness Program, Don regained control of his life.

“I tried every gym in the area, from high-end facilities to the basics,” said Don, noting he often got hurt because trainers at other gyms lacked knowledge. “The trainers at Princeton Fitness & Wellness are well above those found elsewhere,” he continued.

Don managed to eliminate his diabetes and improve his leukemia. He shrunk his waist size from 46” to 33.5” in only 4.5 months. Most significantly, Don overcame a fatal prognosis. “My doctors are shocked I’m still alive.” Don heartily shares.

Don asserts, “I credit God’s help and the Center– with its caring, knowledgeable staff— for the reason I’m alive today.”

Visit today—1225 State Road in Princeton or 7 Plainsboro Road in Plainsboro.

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