Thomas Edison State College (TESC) has joined with EdLink, a provider of corporate tuition assistance management services.

The college’s inclusion in EdLink’s network will provide EdLink client companies and their employees with access to TESC’s online undergraduate and graduate programs.

“Thomas Edison State College has a long history of providing high quality educational programs designed for busy, working adults that are aligned with the strategic goals of organizations and businesses,” said Mary Ellen Caro, TESC vice president for enrollment management and learner services.

“EdLink works to help our clients gain more strategic value from their tuition programs,” said Lynn Schroeder, EdLink vice president. “We help them align relevant employee education with skills and competencies needed to remain competitive in the future.”

EdLink, based in Orange, CA, which has been designing and administering tuition programs for more than 25 years, is the country’s largest provider of outsourced tuition management services.

EdLink, which serves more than one million employees, is an independent company created by two national education non-profits — the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, and ACT Inc.

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