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This Old House, Part II

So close and yet so far. James Hollingsworth spent

$20,000 and countless hours of labor to take apart the old yellow

house on Mapleton Road and move it to Tennessee, but he ran out of

money and is working full time in Memphis. Yet, as described in a

U.S. 1 cover story (August 26) just one more week’s work, plus the

cost of transportation was needed to finish the job.

Princeton University, which owns the property and needed that acreage

for the new Marriott Suites motel, stopped short of sending in a


crew to raze the site and has been trying to have some party, any

party, continue what Hollingsworth could not finish. At first the

university hoped to get rid of the building without spending any


but no takers emerged.

Now the university will pay to have it removed. It is on the verge

of signing a contract with someone who makes a business of selling

dismantled houses. "In the spirit of what James was doing,"

says the source, "we want this to get taken apart and erected


The house next to the yellow house will also escape the wrecker’s

ball and is also on the verge — 30 days away — of having a

signed sales contract, presumably to be leased commercially. The


is not acting totally selflessly in saving this house. It had promised

Plainsboro Township that, in return for letting one house be


the neighboring house would be kept. Located across from the


of Ford Farewell Mills & Gatsch, it is zoned as office/commercial.

Officials at Picus Associates, which runs the university’s commercial

real estate operation at Forrestal Center, believe that the university

probably acquired the old yellow house and the house to its north

as part of the 1951 purchase of the Rockefeller Institute lands, which

became available when the medical research institute, established

in Princeton in 1915 and now known as Rockefeller University, moved

to Manhattan after 1948. Until fire code problems shut it down three

years ago, the old yellow house was used to house graduate students.

Hollingsworth, 35, bought the house for $1. He is an architect, and

for three months, with his own hands, he systematically deconstructed

the 6,000-square-foot house, piled up the doors and windows and


and siding and structural elements neatly in the yard, and covered

them with plastic.

"You just can’t get this kind of material anymore,"


said of the structural timbers, some of which measure nearly a foot

around. "Any house today is built of pine. Here the smallest


is true three by five and hardwood. It’s just so amazing working on

a project that was actually crafted by craftsmen, not just by some

guy who hired a bunch of laborers."

Closing in on the university’s August 31 deadline for having the house

gone from the site, Hollingsworth had hired a crew of six to help

him get the job done. The projected cost, not including the value

of Hollingsworth’s time was supposed to be just over $40,000 plus

the cost of a site in Tennessee. By the time he quit work and headed

back to Memphis, he had already invested $20,000. He could not be

reached for comment.

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Contracts Awarded

WSA Alliance/ Silverberg Associates, 195 Nassau

Street, Second Floor, Princeton 08542. Paul Silverberg, principal.

609-921-1867; fax, 609-921-8326. Home page:

Bell Atlantic’s 911 system needed a weatherproof call center, and

that was renovated by Paul Silverberg of Silverberg Associates, and

the WSA Alliance, a consortium of 14 engineering and architectural

firms. They renovated Bell Atlantic’s Network Operations Center near

Piscataway. This center is the "brain" of the east coast


network and, if a storm should take out any phone lines, it must


911 traffic.

"The WSA Alliance has succeeded as an effective braintrust for

telecommunications facilities," says Silverberg,


talent on various technologies. We’re delivering cutting edge


His firm was formerly known as Silverberg Rose Associates.

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SPX Corporation, 1075 Cranbury South River Road,

Forsgate Technical Center, Jamesburg 08831. 609-395-7728; fax,


The autodiagnostics division of the firm based in Kalamazoo has opened

a sales office here. It sells emission testing equipment and employs

about 20 people.

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Crosstown Moves

A+ For Kids Teacher Network, 214 West State Street,

Trenton 08608. Joyce Kersey, executive director. 609-656-8500; fax,

609-656-8570. E-mail:

The nonprofit education network moved from 2 Village Boulevard at

Princeton Forrestal Village to Trenton. It awards grants to public

school teachers for curriculum, professional education, and it


a teachers’ catalog.

American International Communication, 1040


Avenue, Trenton 08638. Robert Wu, vice president. 609-392-8833; fax,


This manufacturing firm moved from 39 Everett Drive to Trenton, This

is the headquarters of the 10-person firm that assembles and sells

pay phones for clients, says Wu, that include Bell Atlantic. Phone

and fax are new.

Executive Imaging Systems, 9 Wall Street, Princeton

08540. Joseph Mantano, branch manager. 609-520-8880; fax,


The Cherry Hill-based office equipment company moved from 29 Emmons

Drive to Research Park. It sells copiers, computers, and fax machines.

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Leaving Town

Fund for Public Interest Research, 119 Somerset,

New Brunswick 08903. Alison Thornton, director. 732-214-8272.

In the fall this office closed and consolidated with one in New


It employs college students to raise awareness and campaign for causes

such as the Sierra Club or issues sponsored by the Public Interest

Research Groups .

Sandler Sales Institute, 357 Kilburn Road,


PA. 19047-1949. John S. Punyko, president. 215-757-5644; fax,



John Punyko moved his sales training firm from 600 Alexander Road

to Langhorne.

New Horizons in Autism, 600 Essex Road, Neptune

07753. Michele Goodman, executive director. 732-918-0850; Home


The social service agency has moved from Prospect Plains Road in


to Neptune, and has a new phone number. It has community-based


programs providing residential, vocational, and family support


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Susan Elizabeth Karr, 52, on December 1. She was a program


at ETS.

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