The Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Princeton Briefing series continues Thursday, February 21, 6 p.m., with Swarthmore associate professor of political science Dominic Tierney’s discussion on his book, “How We Fight: Crusades, Quagmires, and the American Way of War” at the Present Day Club in Princeton.

The Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) is the prominent Philadelphia-based think tank founded in 1955 by American diplomat and scholar Robert Strausz-Hup.

Based on the premise that “a nation must think before it acts,” the nonpartisan FPRI strives to bring the insights of scholarship to bear on the development of policies that advance U.S. national interests and to fit events into the larger historical and cultural context of international politics.

The organization conducts research into geopolitics, international relations, and international security in the various regions of the world as well as on ethnic conflict, U.S. national security, and terrorism.

FPRI’s Princeton Committee is directed by John R. Haines, a Princeton resident and FPRI Trustee, and advised by a committee of prominent scholars and international affairs experts.

The Princeton Briefings employ a salon-style approach and focus on single topics to allow presenters to test views and thoughts in a lively, often rigorous, exchange with the audience.

Briefings are open to FPRI members and by invitation to Princeton residents with an interest in international affairs. Members of the former Princeton chapter of the American Committees of Foreign Relations, now formally part of FPRI, are also welcomed.

Additional sessions are planned as follows:

Thursday, March 21, 6 to 8 p.m., Aaron L. Friedberg, professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton University and author of “A Contest for Supremacy: China, America and the Struggle for Mastery in Asia” will discuss “Coping with the Rise of China;”

Thursday, April 11, 6 to 8p.m., Vanessa Neumann, a senior fellow in both FPRI’s Program on National Security and its Center for the Study of Terrorism, will discuss “Crime-Terror Pipelines: The Case of Iran and Latin America.”

All sessions are held at the Present Day Club, 72 Stockton Street, Princeton. For more information or to register, contact 215-732-3774, ext 303, or For more information on FPRI’s mission, research and outreach, and a list of its forthcoming presentations, visit

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