A spacious new campus awaits students at the Wilberforce School, which is launching into high school by expanding to grades 9 and 10 this year. It’s big news all around.

The new campus at 99 Clarksville Road in West Windsor is 53 acres that includes extensive playing fields and a 22,000-­ square-foot school building, plus access to the on-site Windsor Athletic Club’s athletic facility, new basketball gym, saltwater pool, wellness center, a banquet hall, and an on-site cafe.

“It was a great Providence of God that this school-ready facility dropped out of the sky, just when we needed it,” said Head of School Howe Whitman. “It’s perfect timing as we expand from K to 8 into high school.”

This fall, for the first time, the Wilberforce School’s eighth grade graduates will be able to seamlessly move to ninth grade. Along with former grads and other interested students, fall, 2014, also will usher in the first 10th grade class. In 2015 there will be 11th grade, and in 2016, 12th grade.

“Our Upper School is modeled after a unique high school called Trinity,” Whitman noted. “Trinity School shares the same Christian philosophy and high academic standards and has an outstanding track record over the last 33 years. Our partnership with them means that our new Upper School already has 33 years of proven results and wisdom behind it.”

Wilberforce is both Christian in its outlook and devotional life as it focuses on academic excellence. It’s a rigorous program and addresses both spiritual and character formation and academics.

“The integration of faith and learning is why we exist,” Whitman explained. “Even if you wanted to separate them, they happen together anyway. At Wilberforce, we address them in an integrated way. We help Christian parents fulfill their God-given role to educate their children.”

And it’s working in ways that can be measured. Wilberforce students achieve academic results that are consistently high in terms of testing not only regionally, but across the country. Whitman puts Wilberforce toe-to-toe with any school in the Princeton area when it comes to academic rigor and performance.

“We do academics well in the context of a school that’s honoring to God,” he added.

Some classes still have space, so students and parents interested in a distinctly Christian education characterized by academic excellence and joyful discovery within a classical framework are invited to contact admissions and learn more.

The Wilberforce School, 99 Clarksville Road, Princeton Junction. 609-924-6117; fax, 609-924-6995. admissions@wilberforceschool.org. www.wilberforceschool.org.

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