An office in cyberspace? For a growing number of entrepreneurs, business travelers, telecommuters and overseas companies, a virtual office can be the perfect solution to an array of business challenges. A virtual office is efficient, instantaneous, and accessible 24/7.

At City-Office Princeton, it provides a prestigious address, a professional image, cutting-edge technological services, personalized assistance and major savings in time, payroll, paperwork and money. Most important, a virtual or short-term office space allows business owners to focus on important issues of product development, marketing and growth rather than endless administrative and operational details.

An international leader in providing temporary office space, meeting facilities and professional business services, Princeton City-Office is located at the Princeton Corporate Center on US Route 1. With the rise of telecommuting, increased globalization and new business start-ups, Princeton City-Office greatly expanded its virtual office services, giving businesses global reach, topnotch technology and a place on the prestigious Princeton Corridor.

A business in New Brunswick or New Delhi can enjoy the convenience and prestige of a Princeton address through a virtual office. For as little as $90 per month, Princeton City-Office provides:

• Exclusive Princeton address.

• Company listing in the building directory.

• Receptionist.

• Conference room/day office access.

• Mail service forwarded via e-mail, postal service or fax.

• Discounted Courier Services.

• Discounted Telephone Answering Service.

• Full Business Infrastructure & Services at Lowest Possible Cost.

The service is increasingly popular, as companies downsize both personnel and office space. Managers must adjust to the new reality of working from home, whether they are staying with the same firm or starting up a new enterprise on their own. Others may want a US address and presence in the marketplace as well as an executive center where they can conduct business. Budding entrepreneurs can test the waters without committing to extensive start-up costs such as rent, phone, staff and equipment. Clients conducting a job search benefit from having a dedicated number, answered promptly and professionally. There are distractions in working from home. It’s difficult to focus on the job at hand when small children, pets, housework or a spouse are just a door away. And, the coffee shop as office cannot provide a professional presence, conducive environment or the technical and professional services needed to compete in today’s changing and challenging marketplace.

A virtual office has a positive environmental impact. It can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint, cutting costs in fuel, electricity, and paper, while lessening emissions and wear and tear on an already stressed infrastructure. Time that would be spent on trains, planes and in traffic can be more effectively used.

For those times when only physical office or meeting space will do, virtual office clients can rent an office, suite or boardroom by the day, week or month at Princeton City-Office. Many virtual office clients eventually upgrade permanently to an office or executive suite. These extremely cost-effective office options start at $400 per month, while virtual offices start at $90 per month.

Princeton City-Office, established in 1986, is located at 5 Independence Way in the Princeton Corporate Center on the important US Route 1 Business Corridor. With well-appointed offices in a beautiful, parkland setting, top-notch technical facilities, a professional staff, international management and affiliates in New York, Chicago and Europe, Princeton City-Office offers a range of solutions for the largest corporations to small start-up firms. For more information access,call 609-514-5100 or contact:

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