Sitting in a room full of people

All eagerly awaiting

The acclaimed poet-laureate

To read to us one of his many

Artfully crafted pieces.

His words are chosen with care ––

So much pain and joy in composing

Describing one or the other.

He forms his characters

Like modeling clay:


Piece by piece

Layer by layer.

He softens rough edges by

Indenting, building up and caressing

Beloved features.

The poet stops,

Exhales exhausted.

His true feelings have been exposed.

For the world to be seen

Critiqued and appraised

Heard and applauded.

Loved by many

Mocked by some

Composed for eternity.

Arendt retired from Educational Testing Service. She now is a freelance writer. Her work has been published in small literary journals such as Art Ten Ways, TRANS-Lit, and several anthologies. She and her husband recently published their first booklet, “A Picture and a Poem.” Ulli is a volunteer at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton. She enjoys opera, art shows, museums, and galleries, and loves to travel.

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