Employers and employees looking to understand how to manage stress in the workplace can find advice in Leonard Moss’s most recent book, “Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty.”

Moss writes in-depth about employee reactions to job insecurity, the pain of job loss, and the erosion of employee loyalty to the employer.

Moss will speak on the subject on Friday, March 23, at a book signing and reception at Plainsboro Public Library, 9 Van Doren Street, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Call 609-275-2899.

In his book Moss talks about how to address the employee impact of corporate restructuring, the merger of conflicting work cultures, and the closing of a manufacturing plant that was the mainstay of its community.

These are based on his experiences as a consultant with major corporations such as Mobil, American Express, and General Motors.

The psychiatrist-turned-author uses case histories to help people to think constructively about their life experiences, and use what they learned on their own after consultation is complete.

Moss also relates his experience treating seriously suicidal patients, and his assessment of the relationship between the overcrowded New York City prison environment and inmate suicidal behavior.

He describes his on-site study of the stress of living and working on giant offshore oil production platforms for Mobil Exploration Norway. The book will be available at the event.

Moss graduated from Columbia College, Medical School, and Psychoanalytic Institute, and served in the U.S. Navy. He has contributed to textbooks, and participated in research into the outcome of psychoanalysis.

“For the individual, managing personal stress follows the process of constructive change: feeling the pain, reducing the impact of old patterns, then thrashing out new solutions and putting those solutions to the test,” says Moss in the prologue of his book. “Change that comes about by following a prescribed pattern of how one should behave usually does not withstand the the crises life has in store for us.

“For management, managing stress in times of uncertainty involves proactively restructuring the work environment and providing employees with opportunities to bring about their own constructive change.”

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