Some tech industry observers believe strategic partnerships and joint ventures are becoming more necessary as products become more complex. To help businesses keep up with this trend, the New Jersey Technology Council is holding a roundtable discussion for tech industry leaders to network and share experiences. The roundtable on joint ventures and strategic partnerships will take place Monday, January 14 at the Morgan Lewis office at 502 Carnegie Center on the second floor. Tickets are $50 and only available to tech company CEOs. For more information, email

There have been several high-profile mergers in the tech industry. Some have turned out better than others.

In 2000, Sony was one of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, but was a non-entity in cell phone manufacturing. So it teamed up with Ericsson, an experienced mobile phone manufacturer, to launch a new breed of phones that had color screens and could take digital pictures and videos.

By 2007, the joint venture had risen to a 9 percent global market share with its high tech phones. That turned out to be the high point of the company, as the iPhone came along and immediately made its devices obsolete.

The Route 1 corridor has seen its share of joint ventures as well. Merial, an animal health product company, was a joint venture between Rhone Merieux and Merck. The company leased space in the NJEDA’s Technology Center for a time and was bought by Boehringer Ingelheim.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Canada-based Labopharm and Italy-based Angelini group teamed up to create Angelini Labopharm, an entity hat markets the antidepressant drug Oleptro out of a headquarters in Carnegie Center.

And in Tech, IT consulting firm Dataglove partnered with India-based Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services to found Trimax Americas, located on Village Boulevard, to offer managed services, infrastructure management, app development, cloud services, and workforce management.

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