by Linda Arntzenius

Cancellation shall occur by drilling a hole at least one fourth inch in diameter from the center of each die.

-NJ Casino Control Commission

I could’ve married Jamie and been a good chef’s wife

Or played Jack’s muse and danced with poppies all through life

I could’ve partnered Alisdair and gone away to sea

Or run off with the carpenter who begged to marry me

Ah yes, I could have had my pick

but there now, wouldn’t you know

I married the man who makes the holes in the dice at the casino

Sheila married Kevin and Wilma married Dan

a brickie and a plumber as fine as any a working man

Janet fell for Angus and became a doctor’s wife

and Ruth hooked up with the minister to lead a model life

but the only man there was for me

the one who makes me sigh

is the man who has the wee-bit drill and makes a hole in every die

Justine (the minx) took on two men down by Barnegat Bay

Willie watches the light by night while Tim spins taffy all day

Kerry ran off with a Spaniard for love of a blue-black curl

then left him for an old man with no hair on his head at all!

but me, I wouldn’t change my man

no, not at any price

for I love the man who makes the holes in the casino’s used up dice

Ah yes, I could’ve had it easy as Don the oysterman’s mate

He would have served me lobster and shad roe by the plate

I sometimes think on Brendan that would have been a darling choice

his Irish lilt and O those eyes, that made the hills rejoice

but none of them had my man’s charms

by now I’m sure you know

I married the man who makes the holes in the dice at the casino

Linda Arntzenius is a freelance writer who is also a member of U.S.1 Poets’ Cooperative. Her work has been published in small literary journals such as U.S.1 Worksheets, Slant, Kelsey Review and the Journal of New Jersey Poets.

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