The Lewis School’s Multisensory Summer Study Program is designed to provide students, pre-school through college-preparatory age, an outstanding opportunity for academic advancement and creative enrichment. A summer at Lewis offers students the tangible, practical means to better themselves significantly for the coming school year. The Lewis School of Princeton has more than 40 years of proven success and unparalleled expertise and teaching experience with dyslexic students.

Expert teachers will acquaint students with the unique benefits and the ultimate successes of an innovative, multisensory, arts-integrated education. Students are provided learning strategies that will allow them to develop greater fluency, sophistication and effectiveness in reading, comprehension, auditory processing skills, working memory, studying, spelling, and written expression.

The morning academic session includes integrated, multisensory classes, which strengthen the student’s academic skills and reinforce the essential mechanics of language.

Areas of focus include: graphomotor development, handwriting fluency, phonemic awareness, decoding and encoding, vocabulary for contextual meaning, reading fluency, grammar and English composition, written expression, auditory processing skills, visual targeting and tracking, task Attention, organizational and study skills, note-taking strategies, time management, and self-directed study skills.

Our afternoon enrichment session provides a wide variety of hands-on, discovery learning programs through creative arts, math, science and engineering, athletics and more. Programs include: college, PSAT and SAT preparation, computer literacy, computerized robotics, design, create and enhance your art portfolio, writing matters for poetic minds, drama, improvisation and method acting, nutrition and gardening for green thumb kids, ooey-gooey edible green science, geocaching: modern day treasure hunters, intensive spelling, reading, and writing labs. Athletic programs are available to students ages 10 and older.

Our speech and language enrichment session offers a hands-on, active learning experience with direct instruction to build functional communication skills through multisensory, multimodality learning experiences in various social settings and contexts.

It is a collaborative effort of the physical education, art, and speech and language services departments as well as select support staff and content teachers from various areas of expertise. Topics include: receptive and expressive language, auditory and visual processing, recall and word retrieval, deductive and inductive reasoning, sustained and selective attention, task attention and tolerance skills, vocabulary development, sequencing and organization, and interactive social skills.

We envision these four weeks as a bridge — connecting the by-gone school year and the one yet to come — allowing children to confidently plant both feet on the ground and, with courage, march across. We are a community rich with dynamic and nurturing teaching — a place where learning arts-integrated, individualized, multi-sensory processes and strategies will engage the many capacities and senses of the brain.

The Lewis School is a private, nonprofit, coeducational day school for students with learning differences related to dyslexia, auditory processing, and attention deficit. Afternoon education and speech therapy are available, as are independent, comprehensive educational evaluations (by appointment).

For more information regarding the Lewis School Summer Study, Educational Assessments, Afternoon Education Programs, Speech and Language Programs, or full-time enrollment, please call 924-8120 or visit us on the web at and

Lewis School of Princeton, 53 Bayard Lane, Princeton. 609-924-8120. www.lewis­ See ad, page 11.

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