The Lewis School’s Annual Golf Classic & Tennis Tournament will be held at Cherry Valley Country Club, Skillman, New Jersey, on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. This event is a wonderful opportunity for all members of the greater Princeton area and surrounding communities to participate in the celebration and support of The Lewis School and the unique opportunity that the school provides to bright and talented children with Dyslexia and related learning challenges.

Founded by Marsha Lewis in 1971, the mission of The Lewis School is to educate and empower bright, creative students who are challenged by language based learning differences. By utilizing proprietary evaluation and testing methods based on continuing advancements in neuroscience and education, The Lewis School of Princeton determines first how each child learns and then teaches each child with methodology and curriculum specifically designed to address the individual child’s needs.

While other schools focus on a “one size fits all” approach, The Lewis School of Princeton has revolutionized the education of children with learning differences by focusing on each child. The Lewis School has achieved a national reputation for transforming the lives of thousands of Lewis School students over the last 40 years.

The Lewis School has given these students the opportunity to realize their full potential as individuals and as productive members of society allowing them to continue their education at Princeton, Brown, Yale, Harvard, Wharton, Georgetown, The Naval Academy, MIT, and many other academic institutions throughout the country and the world.

Today, The Lewis School of Princeton is continuing to set new standards of educational excellence as a fully NJAIS accredited school serving the greater Princeton community and providing the children of our community with a local resource that will change the lives not only of the students, but also the lives of their parents and their community.

Chances are you may have a child, family member, or grandchild that attended The Lewis School or know of someone else whose child’s life was transformed by their experience at The Lewis School.

The Lewis School, 53 Bayard Lane, Princeton. 609-924-8120. See ads, pages 18 and 32.

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