Anyone who has been subjected to maternal matchmaking will appreciate social satirist Alix Strauss’s comical collection of blind-date stories “Have I Got a Guy for You,” a witty take on being single. Every story in her anthology of being set up by a meddling mom is true. The 26 contributors include writers, an actress, and a philosopher, among others. One found herself on a blind date at an eight-hour Dungeons and Dragons conference; others visited bizarre bachelor pads. Strauss will appear on Thursday, September 18, at Princeton Public Library.

The author is a well-known lifestyle trend writer whose stories have appeared in Time Out, Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and other publications as well as on national television morning and talk shows.

Strauss’ previous book, “The Joy of Funerals: A Novel in Stories” was published by St. Martin’s Press and won the Ingram Award. She has spoken at numerous conferences and on panels including the Wesleyan Writers conference, at Columbia University, New York University, and elsewhere. She has taught fiction, creative writing, personal essays and writing for magazines since earning a degree in Educational Theater from NYU.

Author Event, Thursday, September 18, 7:30 p.m., Princeton Public Library, 65 Witherspoon Street. Alix Strauss, author of “Have I Got a Guy for You,” a collection of blind-date stories, and “The Joy of Funerals: A Novel in Stories.” Her work has appeared in Time Out, Time Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly. 609-924-8822 or

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