The Board Certified Facial Plastic surgeons of the Glasgold Group specialize in cosmetic surgical and non-invasive facial rejuvenation treating only the face. Facelifts are a large part of our practice, and we have safely performed more than one thousand deep plane facelifts. Our extensive experience enables us to safely and predictably produce a natural appearing result and short recovery that are unmatched.

• A facelift does not include the neck. At the Glasgold Group a facelift always includes the neck. We always lift the neck and lower face together to produce the most natural and longest lasting result.

• A facelift looks pulled and tight. A well performed deep plane facelift will always produce a natural appearance.

• A facelift needs to be done in a hospital. All of our facelift surgery is performed in our AAAHC office facility.

• A facelift requires general anesthesia. All of our facelift surgery is comfortably performed with IV conscious sedation (twilight).

• A facelift is painful. Our patients rarely complain of pain, often taking nothing stronger than Tylenol.

• A facelift requires drains and head bandages. We never use drains or head bandages.

• A deep plane facelift has a longer healing period. The initial recovery period for our patients is typically about 10 days.

• You can’t go out in the sun after a facelift. Patients have no restrictions using normal precautions such as sunscreen.

• You can’t exercise after a facelift. Our patients are encouraged to begin exercising within a week of surgery.

• You should wait until you really need a facelift. Patients should consider a facelift starting in their early 50s. This provides maximum enjoyment and value as well as the longest lasting and most natural results.

A facelift is an investment in yourself and how you will look for the rest of your life. Experience and extraordinary skill are the keys to a wonderful result and a predictable recovery. Visit our website to see dozens of before and after results, than watch our videos and hear what our patients have to say.

Call 732-846-6540 and schedule your complimentary consultation and find out what thousands of our patients already know… the Glasgold Group is the place to go when you want long lasting natural results.

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