Dear Mother Nature, be my guide

so all your rules get satisfied.

I want a harvest that’s first rate

to represent the Garden State.

Let fertile soil accept these seeds

and spare me from excessive weeds.

As plants take root and start to grow

help me protect with rake and hoe.

Send rain to soak my precious crop

and sun to nourish from the top.

Keep bugs and rodents far away

and also hold disease at bay.

But most important . . . sound the drum

please grant this gardener a green thumb.

Nuzzo lives with her husband Ray in North Brunswick. She’s a founding member of Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey and writes mystery stories, non-fiction stories, and poetry. Her work has appeared in U.S. 1, Woman’s World, various anthologies, and other popular venues. She says that she loves to travel and escapes to far off places whenever possible but, at heart, she’s a Jersey girl.

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