The Sun in the Western Sky wondered why

Nature lets humans on its secrets to spy

As it exited from the horizon’s edge

Seeking new ways with Nature to merge.

Water molecules assembled in the Eastern Sky

And showed off their rainbows in bright display

With just the visible colors seen in the byplay

The rest being denied to the human eye

As if decreed by the Designer’s sigh.

In the twilight of the Sun’s parting strive

In his favorite park on Homestead drive

A lone witness roamed as a student of Zen

With occasional stops every now and then

To watch flying birds in formations anew

Amidst man’s own air displays as they flew.

As the genes in the region’s flora and fauna

Played their part in the drama of their own persona,

The lone witness reasoned if man might one day

Roam around atomic nuclei and share the holiday

Of the electrons in the light bulbs of halogen

In the park lights that just started to brighten.

Up from the Upward Sky

The rising Crescent wondered why.

Rao is a retired professor of medical physics and environmental health at Johns Hopkins University.

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