by William Mercado

The day you die, you see the world in a different light,

Though the sun is shining bright as ever before.

The day you die, you hear the music of the world,

Though the chorus has been singing since its birth.

The day you die, you taste the sweetness of life,

Though the fruit has always been ripe for the picking.

The day you die, you smell the balm of the air,

Though the rich bouquet has invigorated you always.

The day you die, you feel the joyful serenity of love,

Though warmth has silently kept you in my heart.

Hark! For life abounds, awaiting your embrace!

Until the day you die.

William Mercado is a self-taught visual artist who also dabbles in other artistic ventures. His writing has previously been published both in print and online, he has been well reviewed for his performances in the local community theatre on the Kelsey stage, and his artwork has been shown at venues in New Brunswick, NJ, SOHO, NY, and in his hometown of Hightstown. His work can be seen online at

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