Veronique Cardon, MS, has developed a unique and highly successful method for losing weight while transforming your life — it’s called the CogniDiet Program. For now it is mostly targeting women, but men have already enrolled as well.

The CogniDiet Program is a diet without a diet. Over a period of 12 weeks, women meet in groups of up to six people to learn how to navigate the temptations of life, yet still lose weight. Her program combines three well-proven scientific methods: cognitive behavioral therapy, de-stressing techniques, plus nutrition and exercise education.

Veronique explains that her program focuses on transforming your life. “Initially you will be your own brain and body detective. By observing yourself and changing your thought patterns from sabotaging thoughts to new positive amazing thoughts, you will start to see changes. The stress relief tools provided in this program are also a big differentiator from any other diet program as stress makes us fat.”

This program is for women who have tried the other diets, yet find after they lose the weight, they revert to their former habits, regain the same (and even more) weight, and return to square one.

“The CogniDiet is a natural progression of what I have learned as a person struggling to lose weight and as a nutritionist.” Veronique stresses the difference with her program is “we focus on changing the thoughts and hence the behaviors.”

Her initial group of women met during the challenging holiday season. Each woman still lost between 12 and 18 pounds, and several inches around their waists. Her pilot group included women 44 to 68 years old, and several New York City businesswomen followed the program one-on-one via Skype.

One of her pilot group clients is a 63-year-old retired teacher who has been addicted to sugar her entire life. Each year she goes to Walt Disney World, often gaining around up to 12 pounds during her vacation. This year’s trip fell during her sessions. For the first time, she did not gain any weight while at Disney. She considers that a huge success. She is even more excited about the fact that for the first time in her life she started the New Year without having weight loss as a goal.

Veronique said after a couple of sessions, most participants have that “a-ha moment” when they realize how old ingrained thoughts had managed their behaviors for years. It is at this point when they really open up and can talk about their pre-conceived notions and figure out a way to change their behaviors.

Veronique Cardon hosts an open house every Saturday from 11 a.m. to noon in her office located at the Princeton Integrative Health Center near the Princeton Airport on Route 206. Classes are $50 a week for group sessions, payable monthly. The group sessions meet Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for 12 weeks. First groups are starting January 16. She also offers individual weekly sessions in person and via Skype.

Veronique Cardon, MS, Founder and President, The CogniDiet Program, Princeton Integrative Health Center, 614 Executive Drive, Princeton.,,, or 609-921-8980.

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