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The Calendars Are Coming


If print is truly dead, or at least dying, then one of these years the U.S. 1 deliverer will not show up at your office door bearing the gift of our annual wall calendar. When that day comes we just hope we are not back at the office answering the phones. Wall calendars may be passe but our readers still like them, at least the ones that we print every year. Ours feature pre-printed listings of major Princeton area events, along with the space for you to write in your own.

Our deliverers have been getting inquiries about the calendar and its arrival for the past few weeks. And we just received an E-mail from a business owner who just moved out of Jefferson Plaza, the cluster of offices on Raymond Road. “We recently sold our office and are no longer receiving the print version of your wonderful paper. It’s that time of year when we used to get a copy of ‘The Calendar.’ Is it possible to get a copy of the U.S. 1 Calendar and how do we go about it?”

It is very possible. If you missed it at your office, or if your copy was snatched up by someone else, drop by our office on 12 Roszel Road and pick up one for no charge. Best wishes for a party-hearty 2011 (see the calendar and you will know what we mean).

#b#To the Editor: A Jewish Family Thanks Muslim Mom#/b#

I’m writing to express my gratitude for the enlightening article in the December 8 issue about a mainstream Muslim family. Your story captured the extraordinary complexities that our country is facing in our efforts to improve the Middle East.

I understand Shazib Jamil’s frank comments regarding the vacuum that extremists fill when governments fail to provide basic necessities and structure. Yet, the underclass of the Muslim world is not more disadvantaged than those of other groups who have overcome similar challenges.

We need more leaders who come from within the Muslim communities to teach by positive example, inspire hope, and speak out against a culture of hate that manipulates the underprivileged. The region has tremendous resources, if only they could be employed effectively and fairly for the good of all.

Khola, the woman featured in the cover photo, was my son’s preschool teacher. We have stayed in touch with her through the years because she became part of our family. We are Jewish and, for me, Khola has been my window into all of the goodness that a devotion to Islam’s best attributes can produce. She is a shining star, and we will always be grateful for the profound impact that she’s had on our lives.

Stephanie Bosworth, West Windsor

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