Painter Thomas Kelly had the following to say about with work in progress, “House of Cards.”

I usually paint about 20-25 canvases a year. I am right on schedule with six painted during quarantine, but maybe a little more focused. There are less distractions now. There is nowhere to go but the studio.

I really haven’t changed what I paint during this pandemic. My process is longer. My method is to make a list and think about the painting until I can see it done in my mind. Then I paint it and move on to the next. So I am just following my list. This keeps me focused. The list takes the painter’s block out of the equation and leaves no excuses. I work on one piece at a time. I finish every painting I begin, keeping at it until I am happy.

During this quarantine time I am adding a “Q” to the painting signatures. I wish to document the work done under these circumstances. I want to remember. These are crazy times. The artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers are front and center now. With no sports or travel, people are appreciating the arts and culture more. During this pandemic, artists are doing a small part to help keep people sane and entertained. We hope it is ending soon, but it is a good time to paint.

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