Tannwen Mount returned to her family farm, Terhune Orchards, in 2003. The Mount Family has owned and operated Terhune Orchards since 1975. The farm, located in Lawrenceville, includes 200 acres of preserved farmland producing more than 35 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Following six years on the west coast after graduating from Princeton University, Tannwen made the decision to return to New Jersey and play an active role in the future growth of Terhune Orchards.

When Tannwen returned to Lawrence to work on the farm in 2003, she suggested putting some of the farm’s land to use as a vineyard. Purchasing additional farm land upon her return gave the Mounts the opportunity for new ventures. She had the idea for the winery when she was working at the University of California, Berkeley. Living in San Francisco, not far from the famed wine-growing regions of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, gave her the opportunity to explore wineries and tasting wines reminded her of her farming root, teaching her what she liked in wine. Known for their apples, peaches, berries and field crops, the Mounts had no background in the field of growing wine grapes, but they successfully applied their years of farming experience to growing grapes.

Since that first year, the wines from Terhune Orchards have received state awards and recognition. Terhune Orchards Vineyard and Winery now offers 12 wines and the Mounts now have eight acres of grapes. The wines please a wide range of tastes and desires. In addition to these grape wines, the winery reaches back to its farming roots to produce three apple based wines.

While Tannwen oversees the operations of the winery and tasting room, she has also expanded programs on the farm. At Terhune Orchards, children are invited to learn about where food comes from through fun, hands-on educational programs. Pre-school children experience the farm through Read & Explore in winter, and Read & Pick during the growing season. Thousands of school age children learn about NJ agriculture during school tour programs. Farm summer camps offer children an inside view to life on the farm. Tannwen has expanded Terhune Orchards community partnerships, selling fresh produce to local schools and restaurants.

Welcoming the public to the farm is part of what makes Terhune Orchards a special place. Pick-Your-Own is a big part of public participation on the farm from spring strawberries to fall pumpkins and apples. Terhune Orchards farm festivals have become a large part of the public face of the farm –– celebrating farm activities from kite flying in May to apple harvest during the month of October. Tannwen facilitates the staff, day to day activities, and festivals. Tannwen manages hundreds of “Barnyard Birthday Parties.” These memorable celebrations are enjoyed by the whole family and their guests. Tannwen is an integral part of the management team at Terhune Orchards, which now employees more than 30 retail and farm workers and hosts half a million visitors a year.

Terhune Orchards welcomes visitors year-round to enjoy its farm store, winery, multiple festivals and pick-your-own and educational opportunities.

Terhune Orchards, 330 Cold Soil Road, Lawrenceville. 609-924-2310. www.terhuneorchards.com. See ad, page 16.

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