Chinese Expo in September

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Technology Expo

Dale R. Pfost, CEO of Orchid Biosciences Inc.,

and Gregory H. Olsen, CEO of Sensors Unlimited Inc., are keynote

speakers for the business trade fair and technology expo on Thursday,

August 31, at the Doral Forrestal, sponsored by the Chamber of


of the Princeton Area and U.S. 1 Newspaper.

Olsen, who is president and founder of the company at Princeton


Center (, will discuss "A Tale of Two

Companies" at the


luncheon. Pfost, who is chairman, CEO, and president of Orchid

(, will

discuss "The Big Breakthrough in Genomics: What It Means to


at 4 p.m. for U.S. 1’s Technology Forum.

The schedule also features Congressman Rush Holt, of the state’s

12th district, who will hold private, pre-scheduled interviews, and

a workshop by Edward Burton, director of the U.S. Department

of Commerce Export Assistance Center in Philadelphia, whose topic

at 10 a.m. is "You, Too, Can Expand Your Business." The expo

and fair runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After earning degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson and the University

of Virginia, Olsen worked at Sarnoff Corporation. Then he founded

— and sold — Epitaxx Inc., a high tech manufacturing company

in West Trenton, and founded Sensors Unlimited.

Pfost has degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara

and Brown. Before coming to Sarnoff in 1996, Pfost spent 12 years

applying state-of-the-art engineering to the drug discovery process;

he founded and sold one company and did a turnaround for a British

R&D firm. Orchid Biosciences did its IPO last year and has seen its

stock quadruple.

Orchid has automated microfluidics processors — miniature


labs that can manage and perform hundreds of chemical reactions


on a computer chip-like object about the size of a credit card.

The company also has proprietary SNP technology, known as genetic

bit analysis (GBA). Now that the SNP Consortium and the Human Genome

Project have reached their goal of finding and mapping 300,000 common

SNPs, Orchid hopes to use its the speed and economy of its chips plus

the SNP technology to develop and improve diagnoses and treatments

for unmet medical needs.

Admission to the Technology Expo and the Dale Pfost forum and to the

Business Trade Fair is free. The luncheon costs $28; call


For information on how to showcase your company at the Technology

Forum call U.S. 1 at 609-452-7000.

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Chinese Expo in September

The Chinese province of Zhejiang will hold an economic

and trade fair at the New Brunswick Hyatt from Monday to Wednesday,

September 11 to 13. At this first big exhibit in New Jersey by a


province, more than 50 companies will exhibit such products as silks,

small machinery, chemicals, foods, shoes, textiles, garments, toys,

medical supplies, sports equipment, and tea. Admission is free to

the general public. Call the Middlesex Chamber, one of the many trade

fair sponsors, at 732-821-1700 for information.

Zhejiang is located on the southeast coast, south of Shanghai, and

its 44 million people have one of the highest living standards in

China. New Jersey is a sister county to the province, and Union County

holds a sister relationship with the municipality of Wenzhou.

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