Three years ago a dream became a reality for Kevin Johnson, local entrepreneur and innovative real estate developer. “I grew up in this area and recognized a need for a comprehensive, one-stop shop for fitness, sports, family, and lifestyle needs. My professional experience as an NFL wide receiver taught me first-hand that quality training and equipment has a significant impact on performance. It allows good athletes to improve and great ones to shine. These two fundamental ingredients help people of all fitness levels accomplish their health and wellness goals.”

Johnson smiles, “I can’t believe all that we have accomplished in the past three years and what a rapport we have with our community. Area students, seniors, and everyone eager to improve their health and wellness in an environment that offers professional-level guidance have embraced our facility and its resources. Everyone grows healthy as a team. Our programs are extremely popular, and we are thrilled to be welcoming members who come from well outside our local community.”

When asked what he relishes most, Johnson immediately says, “Two things: I love seeing the seniors working out and on the walking track. They have taken control of their health and I hear stories about the camaraderie they share and the excitement of losing weight they never thought they could.”

“I also am extremely proud of the success we enjoy from our elite sports training programs. A prime example is our Football Academy. Area players who aim high need to have real world training, both emotionally and physically. From my experience I can share what really happens on the road to the pros, what to expect, and how to cope with the demands. We have guided local college players into the world of the NFL. Your parents and teachers can love and support you, but you need to know the ropes, straight up and practical.”

Team85 provides top-of-the-line trainers, professional fitness programs, and state of the art equipment at an affordable price, allowing members to accomplish extraordinary fitness levels. Individualized planning leveraged by access to professional trainers, coaches, management and training centers give members that edge to achieve their personal goals.

Johnson emphasizes, “Team85 Fitness & Wellness is more than just a gym. We serve as a key community resource that brings neighbors and families together by making our space accessible and beneficial to everyone. We offer programs for all ages, even as young as three months, all fitness levels, and all unique needs. We combine a supportive team culture, personal and group training options, and access to a modern, state-of-the-art facility.”

“We will be having a week-long anniversary celebration from January 28 to February 2. It will be fun for the entire family and is the perfect chance to explore all we have to offer. What better time to discover how you can make 2019 the year you take charge of your health?”

Visit Team85 and accept the challenge.

Team 85 Fitness and Wellness, 8500 K Johnson Boulevard, Bordentown.

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