Taylor Photo has built its foundation on innovation, talent and an adherence to the highest standards of quality, setting the company apart from its competitors and better serving its customers, a co-founder explains.

“When my brother, Robert, and I opened Taylor Photo, we envisioned a shop where everything from high-end production pieces to simple film processing could be available to both businesses and families,” said Bill Taylor. “We’ve accomplished that, and continue to grow.”

And to be recognized. In just the past two years Taylor Photo has garnered more than 60 awards for customers, which include artists, architects, individuals and corporations.

Part of Taylor Photo’s success is its ability to accommodate very high-end projects. Recent masterpieces include wallpaper displays for companies, some as large as 16 feet by 44 feet. Taylor recently created a skyline view of Philadelphia, framing the Ben Franklin Bridge at dusk with the city, by taking giant, panoramic shots, “stitching” them together in Photoshop and high-quality printing them. Similar projects have been done in New York and Rhode Island.

But it isn’t just Taylor’s photo projects that win awards. The company owns the highly touted Chromira fine art printer, the top winner of numerous industry awards for the past five years. Chromira produces prints 50 inches wide by any length using a Fuji photographic emulsion process printed onto Fuji crystal archival paper.

“The results are exceptional,” Taylor explained. “The data interpolation is superior to even the best inkjet – there are no `dots’ at all. Even with a small file, you get an image that isn’t pixilated, but is clear and gorgeous.”

Chromira prints are appropriate not only for large trade show displays and other high-end display work, but for fine art prints, as well. Discerning artists often select this method.

Artists interested in reproducing work now can take advantage of Taylor Photo’s canvas printing. The company provides stretchers for authentic, high-quality canvas reproductions. Taylor says typical clients include arts councils, builders and sales offices in New York and Philadelphia.

Since photography was their first love, the Taylors have continued to build their on-location and studio work business, as well. Whether its travel and leisure photography in Iceland, a nationwide builder or architect’s project or tempting food photography such as a high-end cookbook, Taylor Photographics has the talent and the experience to render award-winning shots.

“It’s all about light,” Taylor emphasizes. “If you know how to use light, you can get a great shot, every time.” He invites those interested to view the dessert shots on his Website – www.taylorphoto.com – under TaylorStock, then food. According to Taylor, he can make anything look that good.

Taylor Photo, 743 Alexander Rd., Princeton, NJ 08540. 609-452-9444. Fax: 609-452-9517. www.taylorphoto.com info@taylorphoto.com

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