What impact does religion have on finance? Do a person’s religious beliefs affect the income, savings, and net worth? How important are religion and ethics in business?

These questions will be addressed in two upcoming programs on the Princeton University campus.

The first is the sixth annual Doll Family Lecture on Religion and Money, hosted by the Center for the Study of Religion, on Monday, February 27, at 4:30 p.m. in Guyot 10.

The event features Lisa A. Keister, professor of sociology and the director of the Markets and Management Program at Duke University, who will lecture on “Faith and Money: How Religious Belief Contributes to Wealth and Poverty.” Keister, the author of a book of the same name, conducts research on wealth inequality, asset accumulation, and the causes of each.

On Tuesday, February 28, the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative will continue its Faith & Ethics in the Executive Suite Series. The featured guest will be Lauren Green, chief religion correspondent for Fox News Channel. She will speak at 7 p.m. in room 120 of the Lewis Library.

Professor David W. Miller, director of the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative, will talk to Green about her Protestant perspective on issues of business ethics, journalism, leadership, and diversity.

Other events in the series will feature Craig Philip, CEO of Ingram Barge, who will speak on Tuesday, April 10, and Sandy Climan, president and managing director of Entertainment Media Ventures, who will speak on Tuesday, April 24.

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