Disrobing, she peels layers, though she bares
skin awkwardly, aware of each small reveal
of flesh once covered. A shiver slight with fear
anticipates, indulges, lightly feels

the smooth caress of thighs as fabric slips
then stockings unroll over suntanned knees.
She gives a sigh, bends over at the hips,
releases swaying breasts, a moment’s ease

before silk panties free fall in a heap.
She looks on flesh, composure wanes, she sighs,
takes tiny diamond earrings out to keep
safe. Lastly even rings get set aside.

One final exhale leaves just faint Chanel
To shield her, naked, on the bathroom scale.

Rafle is retired as a teacher at Villa Victoria Academy. Before that she was U.S. 1’s first ad salesperson. She is a member of Jean Hollander’s Poetry Writing workshop. This takeoff on the sonnet form was propelled by a course at the Princeton Senior Resource Center.

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