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Many people do not realize the largest and most visible organ in the body is one’s skin. As one focus’ on their healthcare regimen, everyone should maintain their skin as diligently as they would see their family physician, ophthalmologist or their personal trainer. Paying attention to your skin is relatively easy and can be accomplished with little or no downtime.

Use a proper sun block if you are going to be outside.

Keep your skin properly hydrated.

Eat a healthy diet, including vegetables that provide anti-oxidants to your body.

For things that are not as easily resolved, Princeton Dermatology Associates, provides specialized care for the skin, ranging from cosmetic services including Botox and Laser procedures for wrinkle reduction to medically necessary treatments for various skin conditions ranging from acne, rashes and sun damage to skin cancer.

The practice also houses the Aesthetics Center of Princeton, which provides a wide range of medically supervised clinical and cosmetic services for the public. Princeton Dermatology Associates also offers their own private label cosmetic products which have been specifically formulated for their patients by Dr. Kaufmann.

Princeton Dermatology Associates was founded by Dr. Kaufmann over 20 years ago and constantly seeks to provide his patients with the latest in effective and prudent dermatologic care. Today, Dr. Kaufmann and his close colleague, Dr. David Wrone have taken extra efforts to develop a state of the art cosmetic approach for patients who wish to soften or remove frown lines, forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet and restore the normal contours of the skin giving it a more youthful appearance. The effect of softening these lines often presents a marked change of appearance for those whose family or friends now see a happy face when before they may have seen a frown or a scowl.

BOTOX® is a purified protein that is injected into the skin’s muscles to reduce wrinkles or frown lines. It is injected into the muscle that creates a wrinkle. The Botox weakens the muscle thereby relaxing the skin overlying it, gradually softening and reducing the wrinkle.

Fillers are compounds, which provide texture, resiliency, volume, and shape to the skin.

Lasers are minimally invasive light based devices that can be done with little or no downtime to ameliorate unwanted skin wrinkles and discoloration with minimal pain, redness, and involves no general anesthesia. All are widely used, safe and important methods used by dermatologists to reduce wrinkles and improve the skin appearance.

Supporting the medical and cosmetic aspect of Dr. Kaufmann’s practice, The Aesthetics Center of Princeton resides in the offices of Princeton Dermatology Associates. The aesthetician is there to educate patients and to provide a broad array of services and products to patients. For many people, it means a lot to get the very best care for their skin knowing that the entire procedure is medically supervised.

Princeton Dermatology Associates, Pennington Point West, 2 Tree Farm Road, Suite A-110, Pennington. 609-737-4491. Fax: 609-737-4496.

Princeton Shopping Center, Suite 1E, Princeton. 609-683-4999. Fax: 609-683-0298.

5 Centre Drive, Suite 1A, Monroe Township. 609-655-4544. Fax 609-655-2390.

1543 Highway 27, Suite 21, Somerset. 732-297-8866. Fax 732-821-0626.

311 Amwell Road, Hillsborough. 908-281-6633. Fax: 908-281-6691.

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