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Published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on June 7, 2000. All rights reserved.

Tachyon Zooms In On Nasdaq

Wall Street was waiting for this, a smarter way to trade

stocks on the Nasdaq market. The launch of Tachyon Systems’ first

product, FalconEye, was Thursday, June 1.

"This is an unprecedented effort to deliver real time data and

analytics over the Internet through Java applets," says Keith

Danko, co-founder of Tachyon Systems with Sasha Migdal, the Russian-born

scientist also responsible for the technology behind Real Time Geometry,

aka Metastream (U.S. 1 April 19). "To our knowledge nothing like

this has ever been done before."

Based on Hulfish Street, Tachyon is creating a new paradigm, Danko

claims. "It is not the next anything. It is part of what I think

will be a new model for Internet businesses, not built around selling

you something over the Internet." Tachyon is built around giving

the traders a useful method to analyze the kind of information that

the Internet makes possible, and communicating the resulting content

in a very convenient fashion.

The FalconEye uses Level 2 information from the Nasdaq market. Danko

says that FalconEye will include three levels of service. "The

novice level will be free and offer limited examples of our features.

The Plus+ level will be $34.95 per month, and the Pro level is $99.95

per month with discounts available for annual subscriptions to each."

FalconEye services include:

FalconEye Tracker Live Map is a plotting and sorting map

of the entire Nasdaq market. It resembles the clouds of a weather

map, because it expands and contracts, using Java technology. "It

allows investors to discover interesting stock trading opportunities

that they may not have discovered by any other means," says Danko.

"They can use it to get ideas."

Falcon Eye Level II View. Choose one of nine plots of

technical indicators. "It plots the entire market and ranks each

stock according to the indicators." It looks at density, finding

which stocks are least like the other stocks in that particular plot,

and which are most unique on that plot. "If they are unique, something

is going on with them," says Danko. "Something is happening,

relative to the market and what you have plotted, though at this point

you won’t know what it is. So you click on that stock to see if there

is something interesting."

"This appeals to the person who wants to get ideas that maybe

nobody else is looking at," says Danko. He thinks the possibilities

are endless. "There will be users who will be the ones to teach

how to use that product."

The Falcon Eye Alerts Monitor alerts you in real time

with a menu of 120 technical indicators to choose from. This is the

first time traders have been able to watch the indicators work in

real time for the Nasdaq Level 2 market, says Danko.

The FalconEye Order Optimizer is a "really cool tool,"

says Danko, that provides statistical guidance that investors can

use before they place stock orders. This Tachyon tool uses proprietary

analytics to give statistical information on estimated chances of

doing well on the bid/offer spread, buying at a low bid price and

selling at a high offered price.

"We actually graph the data for you, which no one else can

do," says Danko. "Our goal is to be a cutting edge creator

of real time analytics. We chose the Nasdaq Level 2 area first because

no one had been able to do it, and we thought it would gain notoriety

for us quickly."

Tachyon Systems LLC, 47 Hulfish Street, Princeton

08540. Keith Danko, CEO. 609-921-2216.

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Radio IPO

More news about Nassau Broadcasting’s initial public

offering: The S-1 filing on May 9 stated that Nassau Broadcasting

hoped to offer shares of Class A stock worth $190 million, says Judy

Brenna, the company’s new director of corporate communications and

investor relations (formerly with Integra Life Sciences and Noonan

Russo). The exact number or price of the shares has not been determined.

The funds would be used to finance acquisitions as well as to pay

off debt. Including the stations it is now in the process of buying,

Nassau operates 17 FM and 15 AM stations. These stations represent

nine markets in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut.

For 1999 the net revenues were $31.4 million and broadcast cash flow

was $10.6 million.

Shares would be listed on Nasdaq as NBCR.

Nassau Broadcasting Partners LP, 619 Alexander

Road, Box 1350, Princeton 08540. Louis F. Mercatanti Jr., CEO. 609-419-0300;

fax, 609-419-0143. Home page:

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Telecom Moves

Onepath Networks, 600 College Road East, Suite

3400, Princeton 08540. David Stehlin, CEO. 609-514-1800; fax, 609-514-1881.

Home page:

When David Stehlin opened this office as Foxcom last year, it was

a privately-held Israeli company that designed, manufactured and marketed

broadband fiberoptic transmission systems. Its fiberoptic transmitters

and receivers could deliver up to 2 GHz of bandwidth to users (U.S.

1, August 11, 1999). Now Stehlin has changed its name to Onepath Networks

to reflect the change in strategy. "Last year our products were

pure video," says Stehlin. "Now we make transmission equipment

for video, data, and voice." To DualStar, Hughes, Pan Am Sat,

Southwest Bell, British Telecom, Hyundai, Samsung, and Singapore Telecom,

he has added such clients as Bell Atlantic. The staff in Princeton

has grown to "the mid 20s" and will be up to 40 by the end

of the year. The 90 workers in Israel are expected to grow to 120.

A graduate of the Naval Academy, Class of 1979, Stehlin spent five

years as an officer in the Marine Corps, traveling around the world,

before joining a North Carolina fiber optics company. During his nine

years at Keptel in Tinton, New Jersey, Stehlin dramatically increased

the company’s revenues.

ITXC Corp. (Internet Telephony Exchange Carrier) (ITXC),

600 College Road East, Princeton 08540. Tom Evslin, CEO. 609-419-1500;

fax, 609-419-1511. Home page:

Intel Corporation will license its Internet telephony software technology

to ITXC for the College Road-based firm to use in its webtalkNOW!

Service. "Intel’s technology improves the quality of voice communication

when making a call from a PC to a phone, achieving nearly the same

quality as when making a phone to phone call," says a press release.

ITXC combines Intel’s telephony software with its own patent-pending

voice traffic management technology, called BestValue Routing, to

deliver carrier-grade voice quality over the Internet to Web-based


Verio Northeast (VRIO), 4390 Route 1, Princeton

08540. James Cunningham, president, northeast region. 609-514-3800;

fax, 609-514-9010. Home page:

The international Internet service provider has been bought by ATT

Japan for $5 billion. This ISP started out in academe as JvNCnet,

was taken private as Global Enterprise Services, and was sold to the

Colorado-based Verio. It offers a full range of Internet connections,

corporate private virtual networks, training, managed security services,

interactive media for the World Wide Web, and consulting

Vandal-Proof Products Inc., 4 Crossroad Drive,

Suite 110, Trenton 08691-3307. Ron Keppel, president. 609-584-7790;

fax, 609-584-7723. Home page:

The eight-year-old supplier of emergency telephones has been sold

for $900,000 to Halma, a British company based in Amersham in Buckinghamshire.

For the present, at least, 15 people will remain on Crossroad Drive.

Its clients include the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, the

Baltimore Mass Transit Association, and Amtrak for the Hudson River

Tunnel, where the steel-encased phones are used by train personnel

for emergencies and maintenance purposes. Another product is a telephone

for elevators.

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Biotechnology News

Orchid BioSciences Inc. (ORCH), 303A College Road

East, Box 2197, Princeton 08540-2197. Dale R. Pfost, CEO. 609-750-2200;

fax, 609-750-2250. Home page:

Orchid Biosciences Inc. will commercialize an open-platform system

developed by Luminex Corporation and add it to Orchid’s line of instruments

that conduct single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) scoring. A public

company (LMNX) based in Austin, Texas, Luminex has a LabMAP system

that performs up to 100 assays simultaneously on a single drop of

fluid. Its technology employs low-cost microsphere-based assays with

small lasers, advanced digital signal processors, and proprietary

software. Its collaboration with Orchid will target laboratories performing

assays at medium speed.

Medarex (MEDX), 707 State Road, Princeton Gateway,

Suite 206, Princeton 08540. Donald L. Drakeman, president. 609-430-2880;

fax, 609-430-2850. Home page:

Medarex is joining Biosite Diagnostics in using Trans-Phage technology

to speedily make large volumes of fully human antibodies for virtually

any disease target. For this, Medarex would use its special HuMAb-Mouse

and Biosite would contribute Omniclonal phage display technology.

Medarex will pay $3 million a year for eight years to Biosite’s research

fund. Biosite’s products are used in nearly half of U.S. hospitals


Delsys Pharmaceutical Corporation, 11 Deer Park

Drive, Suite 202, Monmouth Junction 08852. Martyn Greenacre, CEO.

732-329-3407; fax, 609-520-6692. Home page:

Delsys Pharmaceutical Corporation was granted three patents by the

U.S. Patent and Trademark office. One covers automated systems for

manufacturing solid oral dosage forms using the company’s proprietary

Accudep technology, which enables dry pharmaceutical powders to be

electrostatically deposited onto a variety of substrates. The other

patents relate to new applications of this technology to manufacture

diagnostic products. Delsys now holds 14 issued patents of its Accudep


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Sherman D. Smith, 66, on June 2. He had been an electrical

engineer for RCA and General Electric.

Wilmer C. Ames Sr., 77, on June 3. He had been a lab technician

at Princeton University.

Kevin Lloyd Hartzell, 42, on June 3. He had been vice

president of PrinVest on Princess Road.

Alphonse P. Palmieri MD on June 5. He was chief of pediatrics

at St. Francis Medical Center. A mass of Christian Burial will be

Thursday, June 8, at 11 a.m. at St. Ann’s Church in Lawrence.

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