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This article by Jamie Saxon was prepared for the January 28, 2004

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Superbowl Revels

OK, so the Eagles aren’t going to the Super Bowl, but

you’re still going to watch the game, aren’t you? And if you’re

drowning your sorrows in alcohol anyway (about the Eagles, that is, or

perhaps your bruised feelings that nobody invited you to a Super Bowl

party at their house), why not drown (and whoop and holler) in style?

Hey, you can’t win a pro helmet at your friend’s house, like you can

at Poor Billy’s in Woodbridge, or a 32-inch television set, like you

can at Hooters. And we bet your friend doesn’t have miniature Tuscan

sandwiches and a 100-inch screen — hands down the biggest in the area

— like Triumph Brewing on Nassau Street does.

So, go alone or go with friends, but if you go, here’s where to go:

Triumph Brewing Company, 138 Nassau Street, Princeton.

609-7855. About 18 months ago, Triumph — known for great live bands

and microbrews — converted one of its upstairs rooms into a space for

corporate training by day and private parties by night. One piece of

equipment — a 100-inch screen (that’s about 6-feet-by-8-feet, if

spatial relations isn’t your strong suit), inspired the idea for the

bar/restaurant’s first ever Super Bowl Party.

According to sales manager Eric Nutt, they had been thinking about

having a movie night when the brainstorm hit: a Super Bowl party for

the one night of the year when, let’s face it, size matters. While the

party’s in a separate room, the double glass doors will be open to the

restaurant’s balcony, with full view of the bar and the brew pub. From

6 p.m. to the 11 p.m. closing, a flat $40 includes all you can eat and

drink (and we’ve seen you eat and drink) — seven beers brewed fresh

in-house, pitchers on ice, gourmet sandwiches, miniature Tuscan

sandwiches, and of course, soda and coffee. Even tax and gratuity are


Nutt also encourages Super Bowl revelers to save the date of

Wednesday, February 4, at 7 p.m., when Princeton Mayor O’Neill will

tap Triumph’s 1,000th brew (the restaurant opened in 1995) — its

first blond double bock. Everyone in the house gets a free sample.

Created by Jay Misson, Triumph’s new brewery operations manager — 17

years of brewing experience and a master of the Bavarian style — the

blond double bock is well, let’s just say, strong.

Poor Billy’s, 40 Oakwood Avenue at Route 9 North,

Woodbridge, right across from the Woodbridge Mall. 732-634-5454.

Everyone we’ve spoken to who knows the area, says for true football

fans, Poor Billy’s is worth the 35-minute drive due north of

Princeton. A combination sports bar, steakhouse, restaurant and night

club, manager Katie Graciano says, "From the time you walk in every

Sunday, it’s all football."

With over 100 TVs, you don’t have to worry about a big lug blocking

your view of the halftime show — or the $100 million a minute

commercials. There’s no cover and Super Bowl bells and whistles will

feature an emcee and DJ calling out drink specials; a free halftime

buffet; two real pro helmet (one for each Super Bowl team), which will

be raffled off; giveaway tee shirts, jerseys, and hats; and a

25-cent-per-wing special (we’ll do the math for you — that’s 20 for 5


And it gets better. Five-dollar pitchers of Coors, $1.60 draughts, and

shot girls walking around with shot specials. And the last reason it’s

worth the drive? Princeton bars close at 11 on Sundays; Poor Billy’s

is open ’til one or two a.m., depending on the crowd. Graciano says

that last year, Poor Billy’s brought in the brand new Jets draft

players for the game and people came from as far away as Manhattan and

Westchester. She can’t make any promises for this year, but that’s

only because the ink on the contracts isn’t dry.

Directions: Take Route 1 north, past Edison, until you see the

Woodbridge Mall on your right. Take the U-turn (there’s a sign),

proceed to the stop sign. Make a right on Route 1 south. Get into the

lefthand lane for the U-turn and you’ll see Poor Billy’s right on the

righthand side. "All you need to know is we’re across from the

Woodbridge Mall," says Graciano.

Hooters, 4220 Quakerbridge Road, adjacent to Mercer Mall,

West Windsor, 609-520-9464. Hooters is easy on the wallet and, yes,

easy on the eyes. We asked manager John McGlothlin — a Chattanooga

native who’s worked at 14 Hooters in six different states — about the

Super Bowl festivities, but what we really wanted to know was, are

there physical requirements for the waitresses?

"We have a BFOQ (that’s EEOC code for bona fide occupational

qualifications) that says we look for ‘the attractive, athletic,

girl-next-door type,’" says McGlothlin. This is totally legit — and

Hooters even won a lawsuit in 1995 when some men tried to apply for

waitstaff jobs. "It’s no different than the BFOQ for the Dallas Cowboy

cheerleaders or the Rockettes," adds McGlothlin.

OK, so if you’re not watching the 15 eye-candy waitresses, there are

two 55-inch screens and 18 TVs in all. Super Bowl extras include Coor

Light specials, tee shirt and hat giveaways, and the big door prize —

a 32-inch TV, which will be given away at the end of the game. Note:

Hooter’s only sells beer and wine. Oh, yes, and champagne, the crown

jewel in one more special, available year round. "We call it the

gourmet chicken wing dinner," says McGlothlin. "A bottle of Dom

Perignon and 20 wings for $149.99."

Yankee Doodle Tap Room at the Nassau Inn , 10 Palmer

Square, 609-921-7500. In this history-steeped watering hole where

Norman Rockwell painted a mural in 1939 and Princeton students have

etched the timeline of their love lives with Swiss Army knives for

generations, you can watch the Super Bowl on seven TV screens.

Good Time Charley’s, 4595 Route 27, Kingston.

609-924-7400. Pick a perch in the 41-seat bar attached to a grill room

and check out the game on five 27-inch screens. Dinner will be served

until 9 p.m., or order up a burger from the grill behind the bar.

Championship Sports Cafe, 931 Chambers, Trenton.

609-396-5457. In the heart of Chambersburg, this sports bar at the

corner of Chambers and Morris is another place that’s worth the trip

(see the detailed directions below). Championship has a long history,

but it was acquired by new owner Heather Ransome in April, 2003,

followed by extensive renovations.

The crowd is as mixed as the United Nations, but a whole lot

friendlier. It better be. One patron is Donny Mason, a 31-year-old

minister of the Living Hope Alliance Church in Trenton. Mason, a

diehard Steelers fan, swears by Championship for all the big games,

because the bar is home to its own Steelers Fan Club, 50 members

strong, who get a room to themselves every Sunday. "Everyone in the

place hates us so it makes for a fun kind of antagonistic feel on

Sundays," says Mason. "There’s a lot of energy — it’s not just a dead

place where people are staring at the TVs. There’s lots of banter,

especially when someone else’s team is doing badly." And with two

bars, a dining area, two pool tables, and 30 small and three

big-screen TVs, there’s certainly room for every type of fan. While

Championship is offering the requisite dollar Coors Light draft

special on Super Bowl Sunday, what the bar is really known for is its

wings. Choose from mild, hot, suicide, barbecue, and garlic parmesan

(patrons come from far and wide on friends’ recommendations just for

the garlic parm wings.) Here’s another bennie: Since it’s outside of

Princeton, the bar doesn’t close til 2 a.m.

P.S. Apparently Ransome has a lady’s touch. On Friday, January 30,

it’s Championship’s first "pink party" for girls only. Wear pink for a

discount on the nominal cover charge and enjoy an evening of dollar

pink drinks, pink Michelob ultra pints, tarot card readings, a DJ and

karaoke, henna tattoes, a Mary Kay rep, and — ready for this? — an

adult toy showcase.

Directions: Route 1 South, Market Street, at first light make a left,

next light go left again, road bends around and come to another light,

go right. Go over overpass, at next light the road forks. Stay to the

left (which is Greenwood), go through that light, go straight through

and take second right onto Chestnut. At the following light make a

left onto Hamilton Avenue. At next light, make a right on Chambers, go

up four blocks, and Championship is on the right hand side at the

corner of Chambers and Morris.

So, there you have it. Go north, south, east, or west, but go in good

spirits and drink responsibly. May the best team win.

— Jamie Saxon

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